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A Perfect Ten


Yippee! I finished Dale’s blue socks this morning! I had them almost completed last night but just ran out of speed and set them aside. Today I couldn’t fall back to sleep after Dale left for work so I grabbed the socks and finished the toe decreases, kitchenered the seams and voila, a completed pair of socks.

As I was trying to drift back to sleep I was counting the socks I have made in my head. I haven’t made very many since I can still track them without writing them down, but I believe this finished pair makes 10.

Now I can start on the Koigu PPPM socks for me. First, of course, I have to wind the hank into a ball, but then I’m ready to go.

In other knitting news, the clapotis (remember, rhymes with cup-o-tea) is coming along nicely. I have finished the increase section and I’m not ready to start dropping stitches. The idea of deliberately dropping stitches is a little daunting but I’m confident that if I follow the directions, I’ll be just fine.

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