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Dropped Stitches and Old Friends

Yesterday afternoon (late) I worked on the clapotis for a while and finally got to drop a stitch! It was pretty cool to actually drop a stitch on purpose and the Cascade 220 performed remarkably well, although it did make me nervous to see that ladder running down the side of the shawl. The pattern only calls for a dropped stitch every 8th row, so it will take a while to get to that point again, but I’m ready to see how it develops.

We had to go to a wake last evening. One of my favorite library patrons from the East Bridgewater Public Library, Mr. Ed Sexton, passed away. He was in the library about twice a week and always made me smile. I will always remember how happy he was when he heard the news that Dale and I were getting married. I hope there are great books in heaven for Mr. Sexton to read.

Tomorrow we’re off to a Civil War swap meet in Uxbridge. There should be opportunities for knitting while sitting around and socializing so I’ll be bringing the koigu socks with me. I should have some pictures showing progress by Monday.

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