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Movin’ on Up!

My blog software is now Movable Type and it’s being hosted by I love the new layout and style! The buttons and logo are awesome and really capture the look I want. Thanks, Missa, for making it so cool!
As for knitting stuff, the koigu socks are about 5″ long today. Only another 1/2″ to go and I’m ready for the heel flap. I worked on them most of Saturday while trying to sell Hannah’s reenacting clothes at the swap meet.
MasonClapotisSet.jpgI worked on the clapotis a lot last night and I’ve dropped 8 stitches now. My cat, Mason, interrupted me around 9pm. He will tolerate my knitting for a time but then he gets impatient for my attention. He’ll bat at the yarn or push the project out of my lap to make room for himself. He’s cute, though, so I don’t mind too much!
I need to start a secret project, can’t talk about it until it’s finished . . . but it’s a quick deadline . . . Easter!
On the reading front, I started March by Geraldine Brooks yesterday. I was reading the afterward (see the 100 things about me list) and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Ms. Brooks is the wife of author Tony Horwitz – he of Confederates in the Attic fame. This certainly explains her interest in Civil War history as it’s a rather big departure from the subject of her previous novel, Year of Wonders. That one was about the plague in 17th century England. Anyway, this new book is great and I like her style.
Knit on!

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