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More Yarn = More Fun = Less Money

News on the knitting front . . . Friday I went yarn shopping! I needed another skein of Cascade 220 to finish the clapotis so I called my friend Sharon D. and we headed to The Wool Patch in Middleboro. Sharon hadn’t been there yet and I think she enjoyed the shop. I got my skein of cascade and also some Lamb’s Pride Bulky to make a felted “button hole” bag. There is an “unpattern” for this on the Mason-Dixon Knitting Blog and it looks like fun. Plus, I really like felted projects and haven’t done one since I got burned out on Booga Bags last Christmas. I also picked up an Addi Turbo size 15. Seems like knitters everywhere rave about these needles, it’s time to see if the price is worth the hype!
Sharon, meanwhile, is learning to knit socks on 2 circs. Not something I can help her with and as I am fan of double-pointed needles myself. So we left Middleboro and headed to Hanson to the yarn shop where she took her sock lessons for a refresher course in picking up gusset stitches. Of course while Sharon learned, Carole shopped. I got some Noro Kureyon to make . . . another Booga Bag! More felting = more fun. I also got a needle for needle felting, something I would like to try but really know nothing about. Not that knowing nothing about something has ever slowed me down before. This was all in the middle of a snow storm but that didn’t slow down the determined knitters/shoppers!
Yesterday morning I finished the clapotis. Waaa Hooo! I went out last night with some friends from work and really wanted to wear it but I chickened out. I’m sure I’ll work up the courage at some point but that French attitude isn’t something I’m real good at adopting. But I love the way it looks and the colors are vibrant and I spent many many hours on the thing so I am going to wear it.
As soon as the clappy was finished I cast on for the Booga Bag. This is a gift (can’t say for as who she reads my blog. Ah ha – now you’re all wondering, could it be me?!?!?) and it’s a short clock so I’m anxious to get it done. I hate deadlines but I don’t think it will be a problem to have this finished in time. Especially since I really got a lot done yesterday, all while watching women’s college basketball. It was snowing and the woodstove was warm and it made for a very pleasant afternoon.
Speaking of warm woodstoves, I believe I’ll head there right now and pick up the booga bag!
Knit (and felt) On!

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  1. hey carole passed the gusset and all the way to the toe. you will love the turbos. I am going to buy another pair in #1. I loved the yarn shop in Middleboro. Time to take my daughter there she’ll be psyched. sharon d

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