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Let Sleeping Cats Lie . . .

And here he is, Mason the Wonder Cat, sound asleep on the latest Booga Bag on Saturday afternoon. He really makes himself “at home” with my knitting. The bag is almost done, by the way, only a few rows to go and then the I-cord and that’s that.
Yesterday Dale and I went for a drive to Plymouth. Of course, I had a hidden agenda as I wanted to check out the yarn shop, Knitting Treasures, that Marianne told me about Saturday night. We did find it, right in downtown Plymouth, but, alas it was closed. Who ever heard of a yarn shop being closed on Sunday afternoons?!? I guess that’s when we are supposed to be home knitting not out shopping. I will have to head back during the week or on a Saturday because (of course I peered in the windows) it looks like a very promising shop. It wasn’t a wasted trip, though. We poked through a couple of antique shops and the water was a beautiful blue and it was actually over 40 degrees, a small miracle these days.
Today I’m wearing the finished clapotis to work. I feel a little silly but everyone has assured me that it looks very nice. I’m striving for that devil-may-care attitude towards scarf wearing but it’s a struggle!
Knit On!

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