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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I know that blog entries without pictures are boring. But no blog entry at all is more boring, right? So, I give you a blog entry without pictures.
Yesterday was a beautiful day! It was warm and sunny and felt like June rather than April. I took the day off from work and stayed home and quilted and knitted and read. Sigh. I wish every day could be like yesterday!
I made quite a bit of progress on the Morning Star quilt – the top is done with the exception of the pieced border. Hey, I had to save something to do at quilting next week.
The back of the Rosebud Cardigan baby sweater is finished and I started the left front. I also managed to work in a few rounds on the purple jacquard socks and read the book The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman.
What a day! Knit on!

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