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Socks A-Go-Go

I know if I talk about Yarn Harlot again that y’all (she’s been in Memphis this week) will think I’m obsessed, but I can’t help myself. It’s about those traveling socks of hers. Last summer she had socks that traveled to New Foundland. Her socks have been to concerts with her super-cool music producer guy Joe and listened to Gordon Lightfoot music, her socks have been to Memphis and seen the freakin’ Elvis Presley statue. They have been to water parks and amusement parks and to a Prince concert and all over Toronto, for the love of wool. (I stole that expression from Yarn Harlot. Maybe I am obsessed.)

I cannot compete with this. I take my socks everywhere too, they make great traveling knitting. And, oh gee, my socks have been to, ummm, Carver, Millis and Uxbridge.

Last Friday they did go to Portsmouth, NH and that was pretty cool. Not cool by Yarn Harlot standards, but still cool.

I actually have a funny story about last Friday’s trip to Portsmouth. It was school vacation last week so I took Friday off to do something with Dale and Hannah. We had no definite plans, just the idea of doing something fun. We nixed the idea of going to the MFA to see the Ralph Lauren car exhibit when we realized that tickets were $22 each for adults. We nixed Newport and Slater Mill because it’s too early in the season. We were definitely at loose ends for plans, which is not like me (although it’s definitely like Dale) at all. So, Friday morning we’re making the bed and had a conversation that went something, but not exactly, like this:

Carole: I’m fresh out of ideas for today. Do you have any suggestions?
Dale: How about we go find some of those yarn shops you’re always talking about.
Carole: (stunned silence)
Dale: Honey? Are you okay? Honey? Get up off the floor, please.

I. Kid. You. Not. Dale suggested yarn shopping as the day’s excursion. I don’t know if he’s hoping to win a Husband of the Year award (yah. uh huh.) or if he was just hoping to get written about in the blog, but, honestly, his motivation for the suggestion is unimportant to me.
As soon as I recovered from the shock of it all, we headed for one of those yarn shops I’m always talking about.

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  1. Ooh, yarn shopping! What a fun excursion. My husband sat in the car the last time I went to an out-of-town LYS…but at least he didn’t complain. I need to get some socks back on the needles so I’ll have a small portable project going again! I keep thinking I need to try a new pattern, though, and I’ve been too lazy to make that big decision! 🙂

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