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Camp of Knitting Instruction

The Civil War Camp of Instruction was a smashing success! I learned about 1860s etiquette, I made a period hairnet, I listened to a lecture on 19th century men’s civilian Summer clothing and 19th century women’s purses. You should see the knitted miser’s purse! It calls for 0000 needles and 3,072 steel cut beads. It’s beautiful and definitely going on the list! To see an example of what one of these babies looks like, click here and look at item #3. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Beautiful, huh?

I talked and visited and ate and drank and laughed and laughed and laughed. My friends (old and new) and I had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to do it again!

As for knitting, well, nothing goes together quite like Civil War camping and knitting. There’s not only plenty of time but it’s also period correct! When we left on Friday morning I was working on the heel flap of the purple jacquard sock. By Saturday evening the sock was finished. By Sunday morning I had started a new pair. The new socks are Lamb’s Pride Wildfoote and they will be for Hannah because she’s been whining about wanting socks made by mom. I have good reason for not knitting for Hannah (just ask me about the poncho she had to have and begged me to knit and wore only once) but I like this yarn and she will be eternally grateful (won’t you, sweetie?) so I’m doing it.

As promised, here are two pictures of the traveling sock in the exciting Civil War Camp of Instruction in Millis, Massachusetts. This is a picture from in front of my tent, where (yes, it’s true) I actually sleep.

And this is a picture of the sock and it’s view of the camp from Officer’s Row.

While the sun may have been lacking (I sure hope this isn’t a trend) the company of special people made it a wonderful event!

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  1. So, how far along are you with the Wildfoote Sock? Let’s see some pictures, pretty please? Please??? That yarn is sooooooooo gorgeous! Are you going to bring the Sock(s) to Strawbery Banke?

  2. Hi, See I really do come here. The purses are unbelievable, but the best pictures are always Mason.

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