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Harry Potter Rocks

Despite the fact that ten copies of the new Harry Potter book sat in my office for over a week, my personal copy didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm. This is how I spent most of the weekend.

The Einstein Coat will be getting lots of attention while I read Harry Potter. See you in 652 pages!

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  1. What a great picture! I’m waiting my turn for Harry. Morgan won the honor of first reader, but she reports less than 100 pages to go. Now if someone would only make me a rum and coke, the fun could begin.

  2. found your blog thru knit & tonic’s comments today…reading your 100 things page was a bit uncanny for me as i may as well have been reading mine (altho i’m a few yrs older than you) — library, fiber arts, school smarts, massachusetts, etc. — i don’t have the tattoo (just henna i did yest) but recently had the nose pierced at the bearded lady in provincetown…my first real library job was at hyannis pub lib (when i was 16)…was there for several yrs, yadayadayada…i could go on but really just had to connect for a minute…

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