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All Aboard!

We started out the week with a trip to North Conway, New Hampshire. We drove up on Monday and stayed overnight. We chose the motel room, not for the great amenities (there was no shampoo! have you ever heard of such a thing?!?) but rather for the view from our back balcony. Here’s the sock, enjoying the view and a cocktail before dinner.
On Monday night we had a wonderful meal at the Stonehurst Manor. What a beautiful inn and restaurant! The food was incredible – cedar planked salmon for me and baked haddock with lobster cream sauce for Dale. I also had, quite possibly, the best martini of my life! Next time we head up this way, we’re staying at this place. I’ll bet there’s even shampoo in the rooms.

On Tuesday we took a ride on the railroad. The Conway Scenic Railroad, to be exact. We rode first class in the Gertrude Emma Pullman Parlor and Observation Car and had great views of farmland and covered bridges and the Saco River. The sock had a great time.

We spent the rest of the day driving through the White Mountain National Forest. We drove around Mt. Washington and over the Kancamagus Highway (please note – this is the correct spelling!) before heading home. The sock was impressed with the view of Mt. Washington from the Mt. Washington Hotel. I was, too.

We spent Wednesday hanging out at home, catching up on laundry and knitting. The felted flamingo? It’s taking forever.

Tales of our adventures in Southern New England in the next post.

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  1. Ok. So, did you do any shopping or this that more a “Canadian in North Conway” thing to do? We had planned to spend a few days in Littleton (very close to North Conway) hiking and shopping, but son’s girlfriend cannot join us, so we can’t go that far…

    I am envious, as that is one of our most favourite places to go for hiking, shopping and being…

    Hope you had a great time…j

  2. Felted flamingo? Is that the Fiber Trends pattern? I just bought the pattern, thought it’d be a fun midwinter project.

  3. Hey Mommy I miss ya! So if the flamingo is taking forever I suppose I wont be getting one. Also, I notice you are currently knitting THE best sock…the one I love…keep that in mind.Love you!!!

  4. I made an error and e-mail went flying away. Please give me a way to get in touch with your niece at West Chop Lighthouse. I lived there as my father was lighthouse keeper from 1946-1957, and my house was the one your niece is the caretaer for. I LOVED your pictures in the tower and would love to get a copy and write you about my times when I lived there. I still love that place and claim it as my own, though, like your niece and husband, we were only government tenants. Please do let me hear from you. Sincerely, Seamond (Ponsart) Roberts, now in Louisiana but my heart is always at West Chop. (Also my best dog ever lies buried there in the garden and I’d love to have a memorial stone put there for him if I could get that done.)

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