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Idiot-Syncrasies? Me?

Okay, so JessaLu tagged me for this meme back in July and I’ve been ignoring it ever since. Today seems like a fine time to check this off my to-do list. And I just want to say, this wasn’t easy. I have lots of rules and I can be quite OCD particular about things, but idiosyncracies? Those were harder to identify. Nevertheless, here goes nothing.

Pronunciation Key
n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncrasies. Then, if you wish, tag five people from your live gerbil or friendslist to do the same.

1. When I channel surf, whether it’s the radio or the television, I have to go from the first available channel to the last – even if I find something I want to listen to or watch before I get there. I just need to make sure there isn’t something better that I could be listening to or watching.

2. I almost always read the ending of a book first. I want to make sure it’s going to turn out the way I want or, if it’s not, to prepare myself for the disappointment of things not going my way.

3. I can not wear my glasses while I eat. Ever.

4. Speaking of eating, I absolutely have to have a napkin when I have something to eat. Whether it’s a full course meal or a teeny snack, I just have to have a napkin. Or two.

5. Popcorn at the movies? It’s meant to be eaten when the movie starts. Not before the lights go down, not during the previews, not until the actual movie starts. I have had to learn to overlook this rule when going to the movies with people who share my popcorn as a matter of survival but I’m not happy about it.

Okay, that’s my 5 and I’m not going to tag anyone because it took me so long to answer this that the popularity of this particular meme seems to have died down.

To update you on the comment contest – and to shamelessly quote Sally Field, you like me, you really like me! I have met so many readers in the last 2 days and it’s been great! The contest continues and we’re almost there, so keep those comments coming.

And, because I am committed to showing you pictures and making you laugh whenever possible, I leave you with this.

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  1. I share your first two idiosyncrasies! In fact, I’m pretty compulsive about that first one. To the point where I don’t watch DVDs because I’m too paranoid that there’s something better on TV that I’m missing. I know, I have problems.

  2. I’m surprised you don’t get many comments, you make me giggle! Trust me, that’s just as attractive in a blog as all the yarn porn out there. 🙂

    I’d have commented sooner, but I just found you today….. 😉

  3. Well, hello there, Carole! There are just so many bloggers now it’s hard to keep up. And there I am in that picture (and look at that shamefully large bag I’m holding! and I haven’t spun an ounce of that fiber yet. shame, shame.) But don’t give up or get discouraged about the commenters. Just go back through my archives a year ago and see what I had — NUTTIN’! It’s amazing how it takes off. So hi! Off to put you on my bloglines list now….

  4. I wandered over this way from Margene’s blog – nice to meet you. Always happy to add another New Englander to my blogroll (and a fisherwoman to boot – I too have yet to catch my keeper striper)

  5. I’m so with you on channel surfing. And unlike my husband, I actually stop at each channel long enough to see what’s actually on it.

  6. Well it took you long enough ;o) I can identify with #2 and #3 :o) I actually read two sentences from the back of HP #6 before I stopped myself and forcibly started reading from the beginning.

    Holy popularity spike, batman – congrats on all your comments!

  7. When I channel-surf,if I come to a channel that’s showing a commercial, I wait until the commercial is over and I see what’s next before flipping to the next channel. I figure it’s only fair to give that channel at least one chance to show me what’s really on.

    I also channel-surf from the highest channel down to the lowest one, not the other way around. Not sure why.

  8. I see you are knitting the Einstein coat. Hope you’ll post some pictures of it when you finish. I like the layout of your blog.


  9. I just found your blog yesterday and though I would step out of my normal lurkdom to tell you that your blog is funny and will be a normal stop in my blog reading from now on.

  10. I just came across your blog and I love it! I’m also a librarian knitter (no, I don’t knit librarians…) — I’m hoping that the Knitters Without Borders gets together again and sends a donation to the victims of Katrina, don’t you? It’s so heartening to know that there’s a community of knitting/creative women whose love and creativity extends so far….

  11. Read # 3 and immediately thought — “so I’m not the only one!” Your blog is a comment-worthy one, ao I’m popping out of my lurking in the shrubbery.

  12. amen to number 5. while i don’t eat popcorn my snow caps sit in the box until the actual movie starts. i am however, considerate enough to open them before the movie starts so the crinkling of paper doesn’t disturb.

  13. I love the cartoon. I keep telling Margene that exercise should be left to trained professionals. The rest of us just hurt ourselves.

  14. Yes, you have readers and I am one of them!
    The vintage cartoon was fabulous! I love it and your blog!!

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