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Give A Little More

Look what came in the mail on Monday! It’s my prize winnings from the Give A Little Blog.
This yummy stuff came from Ann and Kate over at Mason-Dixon Knitting. There’s Rowan All Seasons Cotton in two different shades – raspberry and plum, and Rowan Glace that’s perfect for some baby booties I’ve had my eye on for Ambrynn and Phildar Cecilia in a delicious shade of icy blue that will be purrfect for a hat. Oh yeah, baby. I’m feeling the love.

And, while it’s good to receive, it’s better to give. Margene and Susan are hoping to hit the $100,000 mark for Katrina Donations from the knitting world. They’re almost there. If we all just give a little more I know we can help them reach their goal! Plus, you could win some totally awesome prizes! C’mon. Give a little more. I did.

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  1. Thanks Carole! How cool that Ann sent you such lovely yarn. I think we will make the $100,000 mark. Knitters are so generous!

  2. Good for you! How wonderful to win a prize! Can you imagine that they have raised so much?
    I can. Imagine it.

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