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Pre-Game Show

You know how there’s all those pre-game football shows? The ones where they tell you who’s going to play and who’s going to win? Well, last night we had the pre-Thanksgiving show. See, we’re sort of mostly going in different directions on Thanksgiving, so we got together last night at my brother-in-law’s house for Chinese food. Plus, our two nieces and their kids are in town, one from Martha’s Vineyard and one from Washington (state) so we had an excuse to gather up the gang.

The kids had a ball! They were running and yelling and playing. At one point they created a marching band but they didn’t make it through their first rehearsal before things fell apart. And the grown ups had an okay time, too. We talked and ate and laughed and reminisced. I, of course, knit. Wanna see the pictures? Okay, I’ll show you anyway!

This is what Chinese take-out looks like for 20 people. Yumm. You name it, we had it. And it was consumed, all of it, by the end of the night.

This is our niece, Becky, and her sons Ian and James. Becky is Dale’s older brother Glen’s daughter and she comes to visit about once a year. And James? He’s the baby and he’s the cutest thing and I taught him to clap last night. Oh yeah, Auntie Carole taught the baby to clap. Woo and also Hoo.

This is our niece and Becky’s sister, Beth with her daughter Delaney. Beth lives on Martha’s Vineyard and was the inspiration for my extreme knitting entry. You may recall Hannah’s visit there last summer. Last night we made plans for Hannah to visit again over Christmas break. Again I say, Woo and also Hoo.

And this! This is Dale’s father, Jack and his namesake and great-grandson, Jack, who is Beth’s son. Notice how their eyes are the same shade of blue? Pretty cool. Perhaps that also deserves a Woo and also Hoo.

I would say that our family’s pre-game show was a success!

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  1. sounds like you guys had fun! my family is spread to the corners as well and i wish we could get together like you guys did for a fun, relaxing visit!

  2. Looks like a great time! My pre-game will be today with the baking of 3 pies, 1 cake, making the cranberry sauce and boiling the potatoes for the mormon casserole.

    And then it starts all over tomorrow!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! My pre-Thanksgiving show will consist of my loved ones making frozen pizza while I go to knitting :o) Trust me, I need the break!

  4. The little ones are so cute!!! My pre-game consists of me snuggling with my little ones, since I won’t see them tomorrow except when they want something. They will be way to busy playing.

  5. I can’t tell you how cool of an idea this is!!!
    Thinking outside the box can be wonderful!
    Somehow I will incorporate this idea into my life!
    Just love it!

    Jack and Jack are remarkable!


  6. Oh look! It’s Santa! OK, seriously – Jack (sr.) and Dale? No way you could mistake that father-son resemblance, eh?

    This looks like a great time. And all that take out Chinese? Heaven.

  7. Aunt Carole, this is a late comment but took me awhile to find you by spelling your name without an E! Sniff, sorry. Love my kids mustaches, yummy! That night was fun, I miss you guys.

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