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Tagged Again

Crazy Aunt Purl posted this meme today and tagged “everyone on the planet” and I just couldn’t resist. I had nothing else planned to post and really, I just wanted an excuse to tell you all that I’m afraid of spiders. Hope you enjoy it! And if you want to answer it for your own self, consider yourself tagged.

TEN random things you might not know about me
1. I bought a Jeep Wrangler this past summer
2. I keep a list of every book I’ve read
3. I love “to do” lists
4. Oh, I just love lists
5. I often forget to water my plants
6. I love gadgets
7. I can read and knit at the same time
8. I am currently on my 4th replacement iPod
9. I think long hair on men is sexy
10. I don’t really like afghans but I do like quilts

NINE places I’ve visited
1. Maine
2. Colorado
3. Florida
4. Indiana
5. Vermont
6. Gettysburg
7. Antietam
8. New Hampshire
9. New York City

EIGHT ways to win my heart
1. Buy me yarn
2. Buy me fiber
3. Compliment my cooking
4. Take me for a drive
5. Make the bed
6. Clean the house
7. Rub my feet

SEVEN things I want to do before I die
1. Take an Alaskan cruise
2. Visit Washington, DC
3. Buy an RV and drive around the country
4. Have all the time I want for knitting
5. Have all the time I want for spinning
6. Live in the mountains
7. Milk a cow

SIX things I’m afraid of
1. Spiders
2. Snakes
3. Burglars
4. Something bad happening to someone I love
5. Cancer
6. Far-right politics

FIVE things I don’t like
1. Lima beans
2. Teal colored fabric
3. My current dress size
4. Driving in the dark
5. Feeling lonely

FOUR ways to turn me off
1. Brag
2. Lie to me
3. Expect me to pick up after you
4. Break a promise

THREE things I do every day
1. Knit
2. Eat
3. Kiss my husband

TWO things that make me happy
1. Knitting
2. Spinning

ONE thing on my mind right now
1. Christmas shopping – ugh!

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  1. I’d love an Alaskan cruise — or Mediterranean (those are the only two that ever appealed to me). I hate spiders, too, and was amused to learn not so long ago that my dad (who I’d call to rescue me from the 8-legged ones when I was little) was probably more afraid of them than I was! Hee.

  2. So…your last package is going to be late…because a few days ago, my wallet was lost, and I’m awaiting a new bank card and credit card, before I can mail it. Would you like me to reveal myself now, or wait for the package?

  3. I like YOUR lists. I used to write down every book I read…why did I stop? Oh ya, I stopped reading books and now read blogs.
    Meme’s are a good way to learn about people you like.

  4. I agree with Margene. Memes are good fun. You and I have a great deal in common, but add brussels sprouts to that lima bean thing. Eck!

  5. Hey, we are both Jeep grrls! We got the first one in 2000, and then the second one at the end of 2001 as a replacement for the one my DH totaled.. he jumped right out and started directing traffic and never even felt sore, although it was painful for me to see the aftermath. My youngest rolled the second one, since repaired, and was able to drive it home afterwards… they are some rugged vehicle. Let’s go cruising together!

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