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My Knitting Zone

After being tagged, along with the rest of the knit blogging universe, by Scout, I present my space. This is where I sit and knit.

Knitting_zone_1_small copy.jpg

And this is the view from where I sit and knit.
Knitting_zone_2 copy.jpg

When the weather is warm I love to knit on the deck. Sometimes in the early morning, I knit in bed. But mostly, this is the spot. It’s warm and cozy and I can watch TV and surf the internet (for yarn, of course) and keep up with the blogs.

I’m happy when I’m sitting right there, knitting away. You can’t ask for more than that.

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  1. What a gorgeous spot! Of all the knitting zones I’ve seen thanks to this meme, I think yours is the best by far. I *love* all the pieced and quilted goodies you’ve got all around (I’m guessing you made those yourself), and the fabulous wallpaper border of books. Just beautiful.

  2. I no longer feel guilty about knitting in front of my laptop and TV instead of a book ;o)

    Nice TV – and nice space :o)

  3. Love your country decor, and how you labeled everything!
    That looks like such a cozy knitting area, I don’t see how you can ever get anything else done. I would spend my entire existence right there labeled “butt goes here.” Love it.

  4. Perfect! A woman after my own heart. Nothing like multi-tasking! Although, I’m thinking we’d a get a lot more of our knitting done without our laptops in front of us!

  5. What a cozy spot. Can I come over and hang out too? Love all those Longerberger baskets! Oh, and I can bring the martini makings. Would you like an appletini or a Cosmo?

  6. What a cozy spot. Can I come over and hang out? I’ll bring the martini makings – would you prefer an appletini or a cosmo? And I love all your Longerberger baskets!

  7. Congrats on your new carder… erm, even though I really don’t know what it is, not being a spinner and all, but I can completely appreciate that it’s all about the fiber… and that makes it worthy of congrats in my book!! Have fun with it… and maybe you could show us spinning illiterates what it actually does??

  8. OH!! And I almost forgot to tell you how wonderful I think your knitting spot is – everyone else so got the right word – COZY!!! I wouldn’t move all day!

  9. NICE! Your spot, It makes me want to clean and organize! Love all your quilting I see too. You Rock! UMMM… When do I get MY Hannah? 🙂

  10. I also have the ginormous TV of doom, and have almost died on several occasions moving it! Having the laptop there is a favorite placement of mine as well, the better to browse the blogs with!

  11. Love reading your blog. Hey by the way , I see Longaberger! I’m an on and off consultant, my own best customer of course. Fiber and baskets go so well together!

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