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Mystery Solved

Okay, so I’m not exactly Agatha Christie and it was pretty obvious what was in that box, right?

What? You need proof? Here ya go!

What? You’ve never been excited and celebrated a purchase with a martini before? Blogless Sharon and I decided that a Strauch Finest drum carder was too classy to celebrate with plain old wine, it called for Grey Goose martinis.

Yes, it’s true. Sharon and I purchased a drum carder. Shut up. You knew it was inevitable. And so exciting! I wish you could have heard Sharon. She squealed! She hummed! She practically vibrated with the excitement of carding fiber!

Sharon wasn’t the only one excited by the fiber, either. Mason was beside himself. I think he was high on the lanolin or something because he was literally rolling in the fleece.

So, that’s that. We now own a drum carder. Bring on the fleece!

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  1. Well, that sounds like a perfect plan…co-owning something like that!!! Too bad I don’t have anyone near me to share in the cost. Congratulations. I’ll be sending you that bit of green stuff I have that needs carding, k? 🙂

  2. I’m not sure I can see past the martini. But then someone just sent me a recipe for gingered bourbon. Looks like you are going to be purchasing tons more fiber to process on your own AND having a good time.

  3. I’ll drive over with mamacate. I don’t have any fleece to bring, but I’m sure she has some to spare.
    What a lovely holiday gift to yourselves!

  4. I love, love, love the Cheesecake Factory’s “Well Mannered Dirty” with the big old honking blue cheese stuffed olives. Oh my…

    Oh – and yay for drum carders! 🙂

  5. Hey Carol and Sharon–it’s your spinning teacher, Cathy Martz. Your blog is marvelous!! The drum carder looks great. I bet you guys are in heaven! =)
    Wanted to let you and your readers know that the Fiberfests are the last Sat. of the months of: Jan, Feb, March, April from 1-4pm at the Cool Cafe on Rt. 177 in Westport. The first fest is going to include a class on beginning spinning and embellished felted sweaters. Please contact me for more info. or to be on my mailing list:
    Cathy Martz

  6. Thank you for your fantastic site! I have been reading and loving every part of it. I’m not through yet, and I have more to rad, but before I exit from my computer, I wanted to tell what a great job you have done with this web page. I also love the recipe’s you’ve shared. I am Jen and Sharon’s mom. Sonny and I moved to Ocala, FL.
    Happy New Year Carole, and Dale too !!!
    Fondly, Nancy Lenoci

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