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Vote Early, Vote Often

Sunday is January 1st and I’m itching to start something new. It’s that whole start of the new year, start of a new project thing. Apparently, I’m not the only one. This desire to knit something new for the new year is all over blogland. You know me, the proverbial lemming. Besides, I’m ready to have something on the needles besides socks and mittens.

So, I’ve got 2 different shawls I want to knit and I need to pick one. There’s the Flower Basket Shawl or there’s the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I’ve got yarn for both. My buddy Jess is on board with me and is willing to start either one, too. So, I turn this over to you all, my faithful readers.

Would you mind voting? I didn’t think so. Thanks!

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  1. I voted FBS. Is this your first shawl? I don’t see any in your gallery. I think FBS is a good first shawl, less tricky than DFS. BUT, if I’m wrong, and you’re an experienced shawl knitter, I change my vote!

  2. I voted for the Diamond Fantasy. As beautiful as the FBS is (and really, I’m wearing mine this very minute), it’s been done by so many people (including, obviously, me) while the Diamond is a rarer creature in the blog-world. Be different!

    But either way, they’ll both be gorgeous.

  3. hi carole! i just voted and i’m not gonna lie, i’m a bit biased since i am casting on for the Flower Basket Shawl soon and would love to have another perspective on it 🙂 looking forward to seeing the results!!

  4. Having done both – very close to each other as well – I say go with Diamond Fantasy – it’s one of my favorite knits of all time. And that includes jaywalkers. 😉

  5. Definately the Diamond Fantasy shawl. You want a challenge for the new year!

    Personally I like the way the pattern lies no seam up the middle.

    Lighter and more airy looking as well. But this will depend on what yarn you are going to use.

    Happy knitting what ever!


  6. I confess I voted for the Diamond Fantasy but it seems the FBS is winning….which is ok by me cause I have TWO Diamomds in my queue so if you knit FBS first, I’ll join ya for Diamonds later in 2006!

    I’m wishing you and yours a happy healthy New Year Carole! 🙂

  7. OK, first you go and get the Socks That Rock and then you tell me you have the pattern for the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. You’re beginning to preempt my shopping instincts here. Hmmph! ;>

  8. I haven’t done FBS, but I’ve done the Leaf Lace which is really similar, and I prefer the finishing product of DFS ….. the geometric patterning is unusual and its a really interesting shawl to knit.

  9. Diamonds are forever baby! They sparkle like the coming snowflakes. You’d never know with all the mild weather lately here in NE.

    Then you can launch into the FBS in time for Spring 🙂

  10. flower basket! flower basket! flower basket(s)!

    I think it’s on my list of “shawls that I’ll someday” make, but I could be wrong. (I have the pattern somewhere but don’t remember if it’s FBS or a leaf one…)

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