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Ready! Set! Action!

I had a very pleasant weekend. It was great to have two whole days with no holiday pressure, no social commitments and just plain nothing that had to be done.

I was able to spin on Saturday and I’m almost finished with the BFL. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the colors when I ply it. I finished the main part of the Nordic mitten, too. Now I have to do scary things like take out the cast on edge and finish the picot hem. Then I have to undo the thumb stitches and pick them up and finish the thumb. Yikes. So, I put the mitten down for the time being. I’ve made pretty good progress on the Feather & Fan Socks for Cecily, my pal from Secret Pal 6.

But, really? Even with all that stuff that I did? I kept thinking how I had nothing for the blog. Dale and I went for a ride yesterday and visited Plymouth and Duxbury. I knitted some in the car and kept thinking I should take a picture of the sock at the beach or the sock at the boat ramp or the sock going over the Powder Point Bridge. But the sky was gray and the air was cold and I just didn’t have the motivation to get out of the Jeep and do it. I’ll tell ya plain, I was worried about what I would have to say this morning. And, let’s face it, the Monday morning blog entry is an important one.

Then, last night, while Dale and I were having dinner, I found inspiration. We were discussing classic movies – those we’ve seen and those we’ve missed. There’s a fair number that we saw before we met each other and most of those we wouldn’t bother seeing again. Then there are the must-sees that we have watched together because they are so good that you want to watch them over and over. Casablanca and To Kill a Mockingbird and All About Eve, for instance. We have made the effort to watch the major Hitchcock films like Rear Window and Vertigo and Pyscho. We’ve seen Rebecca and Gone With the Wind and Jezebel. We’ve watched most of the major musicals including The Music Man and Hello, Dolly! and Brigadoon.

But, the bottom line is we’re worried that we’ve missed out on some great classic movie because we’ve forgotten about it or we just don’t know about it. Oh, sure, I could go trolling in the Internet Movie Database and start fishing around. But why would I do that when I can ask my blog readers for some advice?

So, here’s the deal. I’m asking for you to send me a comment and let me know what your favorite classic movie is. If we haven’t seen it, we’ll make an effort to do so based on your recommendation. But, whether we’ve seen the movie you suggest or not, I’ll pick a random name from all the commenters and that person will win a $25 gift certificate to Kpixie. That’s enough to get yourself a skein of Vesper Sock yarn or some Claudia’s Handpaint – which is in stock, by the way.

You have until midnight Friday, January 13, 2006 to enter. I’ll post the winner next Monday. Thanks for playing along. I can’t wait to hear what everyone’s favorite movie is!

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  1. The Philadelphia Story. The pool is on the campus of my daughters’ school. The Academy of Notre Dame, Villanova, PA.

  2. I think your comments got messed up. I’m the one who suggested Paint Your Wagon…….

  3. I read all 52 comments (!) and I didnt see one of my favorites…On the Beach, Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner! GREAT MOVIE! I second West Side Story and any version of the King and I, even the later Jodie Foster version. Also, not a oldie but surely a goodie, The Boys From Brazil. An older Gregory Peck as the infamous Dr. Mengele…a real nail biter!

    Someone else mentioned Billy Elliot…a relatively new movie but a winner! Completely charming and wonderful!

    Enjoy! 🙂

  4. I love the old *Little Women* with Katharine Hepburn. (Haven’t seen it in ages, though.) And the ever-sappy *An Affair to Remember* with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant.

  5. I remember the first time I saw Gone With the Wind. Senior year in the sweltering dorm eating popsicles with, hmm, who was I with…oh ya…you!

  6. Shirly Temple’s “The Little Princess” is one of my favorites, and the “Bells of St. Mary’s” is a family classic. Then there’s always “The African Queen” and early Bond movies (do those count?).

  7. Dang! I’m a classic movie ho! I wish I had seen this contest earlier. TCM has most of the majors on periodically. Do you have Tivo?! You can set up a wish list for certain actors/directors. I love it.

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