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Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Wiener

Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for. What? You haven’t been pacing the floor for a week? Wondering if it’s you? C’mon, you know you have. So, without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of the movie recommendation contest is:

Ms. Too Much Wool herself, our dear Cassie!

Yippee for Cassie and have fun spending that money over at kpixie! And, hey, let’s hear it for all the losers, too.

You guys came up with some great movies for Dale and I to watch. And, ya’all know my ulterior motive here, right? No, not to get more comments, although that is an added bonus. My ulterior motive is more knitting time because movie watching = knitting. This, my friends, is a very good thing.

So, you want a recap? The most recommended movie was An Affair to Remember with 5 votes, followed closely by The Phildelphia Story with 4 votes. Lots of movies were recommended by 3 people. We’ll be planning on watching Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Bringing up Baby, The King & I, The Bells of Saint Mary’s, Singin in the Rain, The Sound of Music, Roman Holiday and West Side Story. And, those mentioned by 2 of you include A Streetcar Named Desire, Little Women, The African Queen, It’s A Wonderful Life, Arsenic and Old Lace, North by Northwest, Sunset Boulevard, White Christmas, Sabrina, Oklahoma, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Meet me in St. Louis, Billy Elliot, Pat and Mike, Desk Set, Babette’s Feast, Key Largo, Harvey, The Lion in Winter, Going My Way, The Thin Man and Sabrina.

Woo! That’s quite a list and we’ll be busy, busy, busy. Thanks everyone for playing along and sharing your favorite movies with me! I’ve got to go make some popcorn now!

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  1. Sounds like you got a lot of great recommendations! I was watching DVDs of the 2000 Tour de France while knitting over the weekend – it’s so high-paced that my knitting just whipped along. Chaos wasn’t very interested in the biking, but when I watched March of the Penguins, he woke up and watched the whole thing. Probably best not to know his thoughts during that…

  2. Yay Cassie! She is an excellent source of all kinds of valuable tips/tricks/hints. Let us know which ones you particularly like.

  3. I won! I won! I wonwonwon! Okay, whew, got that out of my system.

    Obviously, I need more wool. 😉 Always the perfect prize. Thank you!

  4. don’t let the fact that i’m the only one who recommended an american in paris to keep you from seeing it. gershwin! rhapsody in blue!

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