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Vote Early, Vote Often


I know it’s a rare thing for me to post on a Friday but . . .

I’ve been nominated as a finalist in the Amazing Lace Poetry Challenge.

Can I hear a woo? And also a hoo?

My competition is tough and voting closes on Sunday. If you’re inclined to vote for me, click here to make it happen.

Thank you!

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  1. The poll thingy doesn’t seem to be working well at the moment — I hope it’s all your readers going to vote for you!! WOOHOO, for sure, and also YAY! I will keep trying…

  2. Too funny – I went off and voted for you.

    And, after a long delay, will be sending off your stitch markers this afternoon! So – look for them in the mail.

  3. Oh darn! I absolutely love both the shawl and the poem, but when I tried to vote, I wasn’t allowed, not “registered”… at least you are in the lead right now, a small consolation indeed.

  4. Wow…….you have been busy since I was last here! I love your spinning, beadwork and oh my the lace is stunning! What is the pattern that you are using?

    You got my vote baby!

  5. Hi there Carole! Nice to see you and Dale on the 4th in Sandwich. Woo Hoo! Voted for you…a funny poem with a cute photo wins any day, hands down…or is that “bottoms up”? 🙂

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