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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

In my very own version of Mamacate’s Random Wednesdays, I present a new and probably (I told you it was in the spirit of randomness)recurring post on the various good, bad and ugly things in my life.

Good: Having the temperature soar close to, and sometimes above, 50 degrees this week.

Good: Driving home from work without headlights!

Good: A new roof. We went with a recommendation from a friend and the company was great. They finished in about a day and a half and replaced almost 240 square feet of plywood on the roof. Yikes! Sometimes, living in an old house is a scary proposition.

Bad: Having to pay over $8000 for said new roof.

Good: SIRIUS satellite radio. Thanks to Stitchy (and Christmas money from my father-in-law) I’m loving this!

Bad: Being lumped in, statistically, with the listeners who bought SIRIUS because of Howard Stern.

Ugly: Accidentally tuning into SIRIUS TalkRight. Eeew.

Good: Knitting in the dentist’s office while Hannah gets her teeth cleaned.

Bad: Finding out that Hannah has eleventy-million cavities.

Ugly: Finding out that Hannah needs a root canal. That’s a lot of yarn money, dude.

You do all have the theme song running in your heads now, right? No need to thank me, just my own way of spreading a little cheer throughout blogland.

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  1. I have to say I’m pleased that I’ve never seen that movie and therefore don’t have any theme songs running through my head. And OUCH on the eleventy million cavities. Is there any chance they could be wrong? I have 13 fillings that I didn’t need because I had a shady dentist.

  2. I haven’t seen that movie either, so no theme song here. However the word eleventy is going through my head over and over, I just love that word!!

    Good luck with the root canal, my husband had one and then his tooth broke a short while later (bad teeth in that family).

  3. I have a Clint Eastwood junkie of a husband, so thanks for putting the song in my head. Yay for new roofs! Our also very old house got a new one a couple years back – not fun, but good to have done.

    I too was just thinking “phew” all this happened AFTER she got her wheels, thank goodness!

  4. Ha! Theme music free, having never seen the movie. Altho there is some sort of spaghetti western music twanging in the back of my head now… Hmm.

  5. Yikes! Root canal? She’s too young for that crap! (well, I mean if she needs it, she needs it, but….geesh, give a mom a break!)

    Eww, Howard Stern.

  6. Yikes. Root canal is no fun at all. I hope they drug her up really good and she forgives you for making her go to the dentist! 😉

    Thanks for the earworm. I’ll get you for that.

  7. Yay on the new expensive roof, at least they got it done fast and without much further issues that could have happened.
    Clint in a mancho, Sean (Sean’s Soapbox) would be envious!

  8. I’m so sorry about Hannah’s cavities and the root canal. I’m hoping that you have a good dentist and the root canal isn’t so bad. Remember, I was knitting through mine, and aside from part of the temporary filing coming out (twice), everything went just fine.

    As for Sirius… I’ve had it since July and I’m loving it more and more every day! You’re gonna really love it when you’re driving to and from CW events and fiber festivals this season! Satellite radio rules!!!

  9. root canal?!! she is so young to be needing that – who gave her the bad tooth gene? from what I hear, the anticipation of root canal is far worse than the actual event – I am sure she will be fine! your wallet will feel the pain more than she will~

  10. How old is Hannah? Maybe a second opinion is in order regarding that root canal. My husband is a dentist and I’ve never heard him talk about a child needing a root canal (not that it couldn’t be, or that I know a lot about dentistry, but just be sure it’s necessary).

  11. I’m comment (or trying to) on all the blogs who commented on mine today. I know I already left a comment but still…have a lovely weekend, grrlfriend.

  12. Thanks for the kind words. Clever post, and yes I do have the song running through my head! I am sorry to hear about the root canal, though… ouch!

  13. So sympathize with the root canal!! I had about $8,000 worth of refills/rootcanals done last year and then had to spend another $1200 on a crown this past December – it SUCKS!!! And you’re right, talk about a waste of potential knitting money!!!!

    Good luck with the tooth 😉

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