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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #2

Good: Having 32 people sign up for the Buy More Yarn program! I thought I might have 10!
Good: Supporting yarn shops through this endeavor.
Bad: Competing against the likes of Risa, Dave and Aunty Nin.
Ugly: Writing all that freakin’ html!

Good: Receiving a sheep ornament from Margene for hanging on Lucy. Lucy loves jewelry!
Bad: Having Mason notice the spinning wheel for the first time!

Good: Winning Mim’s mannequin naming contest and having her send me one of her home made books! It’s so pretty.
Bad: Forgetting to take a picture of the book so I can show you. But you can see it here, on Mim’s blog.

Good: Stephanie’s Olympic Knitting program. I think almost every blogger in the universe has signed up for this one.
Bad: Committing to knitting Lisa Lloyd’s Cable Moss Vest as my Olympic Knitting Project. I read the charts and instructions last night. Yikes.
Ugly: I’ll be lucky if I get a tin medal, never mind the gold.

Good: Listening to Sirius EZ on the way to work and hearing Barry Manilow, which made me think of Cara and Vicki and Ann.
Bad: Hearing Pomp and Circumstance on Sirius Pops. I love the piece but it always makes me cry.
Ugly: Remembering just exactly how long it’s been since I marched through a football field to that music.

Good: The ladies at Dunkin’ Donuts have my medium black coffee ready for me every morning.
Bad: Dropping my medium black coffee in the parking lot at work.

Good: Playing Dance Dance Revolution with Hannah, Jessica, Patrick and Dale.
Bad: Having to wait my turn.

Ugly: Dale’s attempts at playing this game. The man dances to his own drummer, if you know what I mean.

Good: Homemade cookies from the Superintendent of Schools
Bad: Earning the homemade cookies by recommending her for a new job.
Ugly: Eating the cookies for breakfast.

Good: Meeting a bunch of new bloggers at Claudia’s last Sunday.
Ugly: Keeping up with my bloglines subscriptions now!

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  1. D’oh! I was going to add that I love the picture of Mason noticing your spinning wheel ornament. My friend Jan also has a cat named Mason… and another named Dixie.

  2. B loves the new Mario version of DDR that came out this Christmas. He also loves laughing at his mother’s attempts to play.

  3. Re: the bloglines issue. I am supposed to be conducting a job search, but I may have to get my fiance to block the bloglines site for me for a while, or I’ll never send out a single cover letter. I have heard such good things about DDR–and it looks like you all had a blast!

  4. Ack! Barely Manlyo would be in my bad and ugly section.
    Life is full of the good, bad and ugly, eh? But I think I see more good in your list than anything else.

  5. My son has been asking about DDR since his older cousins got it at christmas. I think it would be a hoot to play.

  6. Lol in several places…spilling the coffee…cookies for breakfast…yes, yes, and reading the directions AFTER setting up the project? Being blown away by same? Yes.

  7. Thanks, those pictures of Dale dancing really cracked me up! I needed the laugh today, and THAT did it. What a hoot.
    And the anti-stash? Heh, I got me some fleece, baby, POUNDS of fleece!

  8. ok, next claudia party, you have to bring the dance revolution game.

    and i actually cringed when i read you had dropped your full cup of coffee. what a waste of good coffee. so sad.

  9. What a gorgeous kitty! Be thankful that Dale doesn’t do the Hippo Dance from Disney’s Fantasia, which I have been known to do. It’s not pretty, that…

  10. I love the picture of Mason and your wheel – he looks very determined!

    It was good to see you this past weekend. At one point I saw you across the room and thought to ask you how the lace was coming along, but by the time I got near I’d forgotten. I do enjoy seeing pictures of it’s progress but wish I’d seen it in person!

  11. What a fun post!!! And I just about cried when I thought of how long it had been since I marched to Pomp and Circumstance, too. Sheesh.

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