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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly #3

Good: Having a heartfelt discussion with my quilting friends about my lack of interest in quilting these days. I love my friends and want to see them but really want to knit and not quilt. We all agreed that what matters is getting together, not whether someone is quilting or knitting or just sitting around doing nothing. We even decided to change our name from the “Hungry Quilters” to the “Hungry Friends”! Now that’s friendship, kids!

Good: Finishing sock #1 for the Bloomin’ Feet swap.

Good: Weighing the remaining yarn and finding out there’s enough for sock #2. Yippee!

Bad: Seeing so many of my bulbs pushing their way up through the ground already. I want to yell at them, “Turn back! Retreat! There’s six more weeks of winter yet!”

Bad: Not having finished a book in ages! I’ve tried and tried but it seems like no matter what I pick up, nothing holds my interest. I’m a librarian and this is bad. I’m open for suggestions, though. If you have any ideas to get me out of my reading slump, I’d love to hear them!

Ugly: Learning about RFID technology and consumer privacy. I attended an eye-opening workshop on this subject last week. Let’s just say I won’t be recommending this for my library anytime soon.

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  1. Okay Carole explainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to me what kind of scale that is and how one goes about the science of weighing socks! GrIN. BTW, I like your stripes!

  2. I’m currently reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and really enjoying it – even though I’m reading like a page a day before I go to sleep. I haven’t finished a book in ages as well. You’ve probably read it though, but I like nonetheless.

  3. Heh – my current pair of Jaywalkers started out with the scale, and then I started knitting a sock from each end of the ball of yarn, just to be sure… (love toe-up)

    Um, have you read Bellwether by Connie Willis? A fast, fun read – light, yet relevant to virtually any aspect of our culture. One of the best discussions we ever had at book club because every topic could be related back to the book!

  4. How nice that your quilt buds recognized the import of the gathering,not the specific craft. Which of wourse they would, because you would not consort with crappy friends, I imagine!

  5. The Year of Magical Thinking is a beautiful book, although very sad. The Hummingbird’s Daughter is a lovely novel set in colonial Mexico. David Maine has two novels, The Preservationist and Fallen, that are wonderful retellings of some Old Testament stories through a modern scope.

  6. Sorry. Most of the books I’m allowed to read these days are by Tonka. We have a series. I almost have the series memorized. I have a 4 yo boy, can you tell?

  7. Yes! RFID = BAD!!! Admittedly, I’m a bit paranoid, but really, there’s just too many ways it could be used to the disadvantage of individual freedoms.

  8. I just started “On Beauty” last night — promises to be good. I read a somewhat different, yet captivating and somewhat bizarre book a few weeks ago called “Kissing in Manhattan.” And you know what else I have on reserve 🙂 Socks look great — do tell about the scale — looks neat.

  9. Not to worry, Carole, I’m not into the quilting myself. After 25+ years, I needed the break. My quilty friends just don’t understand that there is more than quilting, that it’s ok to like something else. lol

  10. Try reading something short that will keep your attention like “The Red Badge of Courage” or “The Old Man and the Sea”!

  11. Yay for having enough yarn to knit sock # 2! Hungry friends are my kind of friends. I just don’t trust people who don’t eat. (I think I heard something like that in a movie somewheres…)

  12. I like vampire books, anything by Anne Rice (the history in them are interesting) or Laurell K. Hamilton (for something more risqué).
    Or “Zorro” by Isabel Allende was very good or “The Divide” by Nicholas Evans, the guy who wrote “The Horse Whisperer.”

  13. If you enjoy non-fiction, I am a huge fan of “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson. If you like reading about 19th C. British authors, try “Dickens’ Fur Coat & Charlotte’s Unanswered Letters” by Daniel Pool. Both are terrific books!

    RFID = Ugly & Scary…

  14. For reading,I’d suggest “Guards! Guards!” by Terry Pratchett. It combines the genres of fantasy and mystery with a large dose of social satire. In it you will meet The Librarian of Unseen University (who has to be encountered to be believed) and be introduced to the concept of polyfractal L-space. Seriously, O Library Director, I think you’ll find a lot in it tickles your funnybone.

  15. Glad you hear you are going to have enough yarn for sock #2! They’re pretty! I recently bought a scale too and have been measuring all kinds of knitting and non-knitting things…just because I can. 🙂

  16. Thanks for the RFID link – I am interested in what they had to say at the workshop… care to share a little with this little LIS student? 🙂

  17. the bulbs are popping up here too, in fact crocus’ are bloomin! Last year we had a frost in March, lost all the buds on the magnolia trees – so I’m with you telling them all to go back, go back!
    The socks are sweet – glad you have enough yarn.. very pretty colorways.

  18. Hi Carole

    Just to let you know my Mom says that not to worry about the bulbs —- all that will happen is the tip of the leaves will just be brown
    the flower is safe inside and will pop out much later.
    (I too have about 15 daffodils poking out here in Indiana)

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