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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, #4

Good: Getting that stuff in the picture for Valentine’s Day. I think this means that Dale finally “gets it” about the knitting.
Bad: Getting a new sock book while in the middle of the Knitting Olympics.

Good: Receiving my 2000th comment on the blog!
Bad: Having the 2000th commenter be Dale. I can’t exactly send him yarn for a prize now, can I?

Good: Singing at the top of my lungs while Sirius radio plays in the Jeep.
Bad: Sirius Radio cutting out.
Ugly: Hearing my singing voice minus the radio. Yuck!

Good: Finding out that Hannah doesn’t need a root canal!
Bad: Calculating that the rest of the dental work she needs will still cost around $1000.

Good: Getting a new refrigerator with all kinds of fancy stuff.
Bad: Multiple failed deliveries.
Ugly: Customer service from Sears. I won’t bore you with this whole story but it’s been a disaster. My advice? Don’t buy anything from Sears unless you can carry it out yourself.

Good: Heading to SPA this weekend with Blogless Sharon. I’ll be meeting up with old friends and making new ones, too. It doesn’t get any “gooder” than this and that’s a good way to end this post!

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  1. Isn’t it nice when people finally “get it” about knitting?

    Love that book – it just fires the imagination, and it’s a great reference for socks.

  2. I am sorry to hear you are having problems with Sears too!

    We have had UNBELIEVABLE problems with Sears and our new refrigerator. Moved in to our new place, the brand new fridge was dented. Under warranty, so we ordered a new door. New door arrived via UPS, new door all banged up. Sears guy comes to install door, discovers it’s dented, orders new door. This has happened 4 TIMES NOW. It’s been over 6 months now, and they are incapable of getting an undamaged refrigerator door to our place. It’s ridiculous and disgustingly wasteful.

  3. All the good is SO good it cancels out much of the bad. You can always buy Dale a wonderful yarn as a gift and have him gift it back to you;-)

  4. “Sears customer service” is just one of those modern oxymorons.

    I am so bummed about SPA! Not about your going, I mean, about my not going. Why did DH’s concert have to be *this* Saturday night? Take lots of pix for my vicarious enjoyment.

  5. How many years did it take until he got it? I just need to prepare………..
    Have fun at the Spa, and don’t forget to take your knitting, girl!

  6. So just how good is that sock book? I’ve been drooling over Kerstin’s lacy Trekking socks (you know about her new digs, right?) and wondering if it’s worth a splurge.

  7. My husband did good too! He gave me a Sock Yarn Bouquet! Made it himself and everything. It’s so great when the guys ‘get it’!

  8. I hear you on the Sears customer service. We gave up on Sears after our last purchase there a few years ago. I go to HH Gregg now. It costs a little more, but the service is outstanding. They delivered my new washing machin with installation in just about fifteen minutes and that was with having to remove the dryer and old washer to put it in.

    A new sock book would be the death of my olympic project. I have already had trouble sticking to it!

  9. Oooh, he definitely gets it! Good job, Dale.

    Yep, I’ve encountered Sears’ suckage as well. Eejits. Customer Service is dead.

  10. Nice prezzies from Dale! Yeah, I say don’t send him yarn for being the 2000th commenter — send him something useful, like…..I dunno….fiber. Hee. Have a great time at SPA. Wish I could be there, but right now is not a good time. Glad I did not plan on it, only to be disappointed..

  11. Nice gifts! I just got that book yesterday (ordered it for myself). Don’t worry! The Olympics are only 16 days long. You’ll have plenty of time to play with that book after the Olympics. Your hubby did good! Much better gifts than an appliance (heard about a woman who received a waffle maker for Valentine’s Day – so she could make waffles for hubby). Flowers, candy (I’m assuming chocolate) and a knitting book…what more could anyone want??

    Wow. 2000 comments! That must be exciting!

  12. 2000 comments – how cool is that?

    That sock book is da bomb – you’re gonna love it!

    Have fun this weekend! I’m SO jealous. Turning green over here…

  13. Don’t buy anything for Sears at all! Their repair service is the absolute pits! Our million dollar washer and dryer have been nothing but trouble since the 3 year warranty expired! And I have spent a ton of $ at the laundromat! Have a terrific time this w.e.

  14. What are the chances that Dale would be your 2000th commentor?

    I got that very same book as a gift too. But not on V-Day…and not from my hub…but the importantly thing is that I got that book!

  15. Your husband bought you a knitting book? And an excellent one at that? THATs so awesome! That’ll never ever h appen at my house! Congrats! May there be many more books to come!

  16. Not to be boring – but I’ve never heard anything good about Sears. I’ve also had crummy experiences with them and only buy from a reputable local store.
    I was knitting, watching Olympics and drinking a martini last night! GO TEAM!!

  17. Isn’t that the best book? What a sweet husband.

    I hate Sears. I used to work there in my high school days, bad bad memories.

    Crappy service is the worst!

    I’m so jealous of your SPA weekend! Have fun!

  18. It’s hard to say which is the best of those gifts. The chocolate is nice, the rose is beautiful, but the book. The book is AWESOME! I also own this book and I love it! Enjoy the socks you will make with this book.
    Good luck with the Olympics!

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