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Rearranged and Reorganized

As I have mentioned in some comments around blogland, Dale and I spent the weekend reorganizing the computer/yarn/fiber/book room. I don’t have before pictures because I was just too embarassed to show you. Believe me when I say it was a disorganized mess of fiber, yarn, papers and junk.

First, a bit of background. This little project was inspired by the purchase of a new computer. Now, I have had a home computer since 1992 and back then it just sort of got stuck in a corner of our guest room. The only reason I got it was because I was in graduate school and also the mother of a one year old. This meant I couldn’t trek to the library to study and do research whenever I wanted, hence a computer at home became a necessity. But, remember, there was no World Wide Web in those days, people. There were no search engines. There were gophers and Archie and Veronica and that was about it. Really, it was just this big black hole called the Internet. Therefore, a home computer just wasn’t part of our daily lives, it was just something I used to get through school.

Well, I don’t know about you all and your computer use, but things sure have changed at our house since 1992. For one thing, it’s a different house these days. For another, everyone in the family now has an email account and everyone uses the computer every day, including some family members who don’t even live with us. Therefore, we decided that since the computer is part of our daily lives, it should be situated in a clean, organized and comfortable environment. Our goal was to create more of a den and less of a junk room so that it would be a space everyone could enjoy.

After 2 trips to IKEA, lots of anxiety, some cussing, and maybe a few tears (mine) this is what we’ve accomplished.

See that nifty new desk? And comfortable office chair? Woo and also hoo. And the bench under the window holds all my fiber.

The green thing (as we so lovingly call it) holds all Dale’s junk crap important stuff, the rolling cart has all my quilting and sewing supplies and the POANG chair from IKEA is for sitting, reading and knitting.

Ahhh. Here you see books of all sorts but mostly on the subjects of the Civil War, quilting and knitting. And there’s some yarn. That’s pretty much all of it, too. Well, except for that Lantern Moon basket hiding under the green thing. Clearly, I need a bigger stash.

We still need to get a rug for the floor and rearrange the stuff on the walls. We’ll probably wallpaper, too. In the meantime, though, I think we’ve succeeded in creating a nice place to hang out.

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  1. Nice redo! You’ll notice there are no before pictures of my recent redo either. Suffice it to say it was a horrendous mess.

  2. That looks wonderful, I’ve gotta get my butt down to Ikea, but its such a hike. We’ve been doing a major de-crapping excerise with our “office” now too. We unearthed a very large cedar chest from a grandmother (yes, that’s how badly we were cluttered – we were missing a large chest underneath the piles) and dearest hubby says brightly “you can use this for all your wool!” Truly a woo-and-also-hoo moment – just in time to buy a fleece!

  3. It looks great Carole! I am glad to know I’m not the only one who embraces a re-do with at least some cussing and crying. It seems like that great wall of miscommunication always rears it’s big fat ugly head during the negotiations of an important project like that.

  4. Oh, you definitely need a larger stash. What is wrong with you, Carole? You’re behind! You’d better start buying more fabulous stuff right away!

  5. It looks great! I love ikea but I always end up so frustrated at the end of the trip I vow never to go back…and of course I always do! Your library looks very much like mine – I’m not only a yarn slut I’m a book whore too!

  6. [Insert whining tone here:] I want a stash! Your room looks great, though. Love the library feeling. I’ve GOT to get to Knit Picks or something. Everyone has such troubles about storing their massive yarn collections. I want that. I NEED that. I MUST GET MORE YARN NOW!
    Nice choise of furniture, too, btw. Great desk.

  7. Bless IKEA for facilitating organization in our lives. 🙂

    And I agree – maybe you can start the IncreaseTheStashalong.

  8. You call that a stash? 🙂

    I remember Archie, Veronica and Gopher with much fondness, as well as my Delphi account that gave me access to the black hole that was the internet, as well as using Pine and Lynx. Ahh the good old days 🙂 Lovely organized room! All this cleaning and organizing is putting a bee in my bonnet.

  9. IKEA rocks. My office is outfitted with one of their big tables, which serves as a desk. Only $50 for a huge table! I love it.

  10. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Wow! Take it from someone who has stubbed her toes in that room more than once while visiting, IT LOOKS TERRIFIC! You’ve got the computer to the right of the door now, right? Amazing transformation!

  11. It looks fabulous and beautifully organized. I love the chair and the stash in the bookcase, but you DO need more stash. Amateur!
    That from someone who didn’t even have red yarn!

  12. Indeed, the stash is a tad anemic … but that is easily remedied. 😉

    The room is wonderful … it looks like such a comfy, cozy place to hang out. I’m headed down to IKEA next week, and I can’t wait.

  13. Very, very nice! After seeing your knitting spot I thought I would love to live in your house. Now I am even more convinced. A warm, inviting and organized spot. Great job. Enjoy!

  14. That’s a great computer room but yes you need more stash! The chair looks like it would be very comfortable. Nice area!

  15. Holy smokes! You can get ALL of your fiber in that one bench??? Oh, lady, you need more stash! But nice job on that redo – just don’t tell my husband it’s possible, ok??

  16. That is so wonderfully organized! You *are* a librarian 😉 Last year for one of my intro courses in LS, I catalogued my yarn stash – unfortunately, that lasted just as long as the class. It is back to being a mess!

    You have inspired to me to clean up the stash this weekend!

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