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Spring Has Sprung!

Today is the first day of Spring! Hoo and also ray! I love living in New England where we experience the four seasons (sometimes all in one day!) but my favorite season of all is Spring. I love the “greening” of the earth. I love going outside to the perennial bed and seeing the shoots of my returning plants and I love watching the bulbs force their way up out of the cold earth. I love the pussywillows that I see in swampy areas on my way to work and I love the Spring songs that the birds sing.

But, while the calendar may say Spring, the thermometer is still saying Winter. I do have bulbs coming up and crocus in bloom, (all yellow for some strange reason, even though I planted a variety of colors last Fall) but mostly my yard is still brown. So, I had to go looking for signs of Spring elsewhere and I found them at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s New England Spring Flower Show.

There were orchids. Loads and loads of orchids.

This one was my favorite.

There were table settings, each based on a New England character. If I’m remembering correctly, this one was Emily Dickinson and it was Hannah’s favorite. I smiled when Hannah said she like this one because it’s the type of table my mom would have set.

There were unique things made from natural objects, like this chair. This was Dale’s favorite.

There were exotic birds!

And fish!

But we all agreed that Dorothy was right – there’s no place like home!

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  1. yay for the spring! spring for me is a crap shoot when it comes to the yard. bulbs were planted haphazardly in our yard years ago so it’s always fun to see what manages to still come up.

    other than that, our yard always year round looks like crap

  2. Happy spring! I even get a national holiday for it in Japan tomorrow, yay! Hope you see many beautiful flowers like those in your own neighborhood soon!

  3. Sigh. I love the flower show – it comes at the perfect time of year. Haven’t been for years though – boo! Thanks for the photos, they are lovely.

  4. Spring is my favorite season too. I usually get Spring Fever pretty bad every year and want to call in sick all the time.

    Pretty pictures from the flower show! Glad you had a nice time.

  5. Spring is wonderful! I’ve been waking up a little earlier each day, without the alarm. I’ll be ready when we change the clocks in a few weeks. I got a couple of window boxes this past weekend and same herb seeds, so I’m ready. I heard the Flower Show had a HUGE turnout.

  6. I’m so with you on spring – full of promise and renewal and warmth. Wish I hadn’t missed the flower show.

  7. Love the orchid. Lady slipper?
    I’ve got about 6 inches of daffodils in my yard but it’s snowing again today. *hrumpf*

  8. Wow! How fun! Hope it warms up for you soon. Texas has four seasons; we just have 1 week of winter and 5 months of summer.

  9. Yeah, you got it right: The calendar may say spring, but the thermometer says winter. We’ve (of course) still got snow, and the crocuses are still a long way off. The flower show sounds marvelous. My front walkway never looks that pretty. I wish.

  10. Beautiful pictures and I love the orchid!! We have snow, snow and more snow for spring. Springtime in the Rockies…is well, slow arriving.

  11. Thanks for the pictures. I totally missed the Flower Show. Too much other stuff last week.

    I’ve tried to appreciate the Gothic death lady slippers but I just can’t. Like, too dark and freaky, man.

  12. Spring is my favorite too! Love those flower shots. They could be your ‘F’ entry too!

    Great Monday morning post!

  13. The flowers are beautiful. And I too am excited about the first day of Spring!

    Did you know that Emily Dickinson lived in Amherst and her house is open to the public for tours? You should come out sometime and we’ll go visit. I’ve never been even though I’ve lived within 5 miles of it my entire life!

  14. Spring is my favorite season too! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! great photos! I haven’t been to a show since I Aunt passed away (she and her DH used to travel the world with their roses)

  15. Oh, orchids! I love them! They don’t love me though.

    So nice to see some flowers, thanks. I checked today, and still no green coming from the flower beds. Bummer.

    Happy Spring to ya!

  16. I am so envious. I was slated to go to the Flower Show on the last Sunday, which was fated to never happen. I’ll have to wait for spring in New England (yeah, don’t hold my breath, I know.)

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