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Library Spinning

I finally figured out a way to get paid for my spinning! Have a spinning program at the library. Hee.

Okay, so technically I wasn’t getting paid for spinning, but I have instituted monthly spinning get-togethers at the public library where I work. You see, there’s a spinning guild that meets in the next town over and the president of the guild is none other than my friend Maggie. The guild has monthly meetings but they don’t always have the space available to spin at their meetings. So, Maggie and I put our heads together and came up with the idea that the guild would sponsor a monthly spinning meeting at the library. It’s open to anyone who wants to attend, not just guild members. And, because it’s at the public library, it’s free. Woot.

Monday night was our first meeting and there were 5 of us and I was thrilled. Of course Blogless Sharon was in attendance, plus two guild members, and my buddy Martha. I felt funny taking a picture with the other spinners there but after they left I took this one of Sharon and Martha.
We had a really great evening spinning and chatting. I always learn something when I watch other spinners and that’s one of the real benefits of spinning groups. Plus, it’s just so much fun to spin with friends!

We’ll be meeting again in a month. If you’re in the area and want to join us, just let me know and I’ll email you the particulars. The more, the merrier, I always say!

I hate to be a pain in the ass and repost this but I just want to see if Bloglines (grrr) actually picks up this feed.

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  1. Yeah for spinning at work! I wonder if there is a way I can pull this off at my job? Hmmm. do you think I can get 18 year old boys interested in spinning? Yeah – me neither.

  2. You know, when I first read that sign I thought it said “Library Open for Sinners Only” and I thought to myself, ‘Finally! My very own space at the library!’

    I’m not a spinner but I’m a novice knitter and I do admire the work. Oh if only I could find more thick n’ thin handspun gems!

  3. What a great idea- very nice. Now, I’ll have to get a wheel and move to the South Shore!

  4. Looks like a blast.

    So – the ‘old friend’ comment on my blog – I promise I’m not a stalker. It’s just a thing (and I’m sure you have this too) that when you’ve read someone’s blog for a while – you feel like you are friends with them before you ever even meet!

  5. Now, if only I knew how to spin. Note to self: Take spinning lessons so you can join in fun spinning activities with other spinners who spin and chat. Say that three times fast.

  6. Fabulous way to keep spinning. Did you have people trying to see what you were all up too? I’d be too curious not to peek.

  7. Spinning at work is awesome! I’ve gotten to do it twice. Both times we incorporated the Rodeo and sheep and all sorts of stuff. I even let the kids treadle and keep what we spun up. It was a lot of fun.

  8. I think spinning at the library would be great. I am taking my first (drop spindle) class in May and I am going to purchase my first wheel hopefully soon after that so then I can really experience the same buzz you do when I read about your spinning!

  9. So that’s why your wheel was in your office! Very cool! I never would have thought of a library as a meeting place – but then, I’m not sure the libraries around here have rooms like that.

  10. Yippee! Bloglines found you. Why the heck doesn’t Sharon have a blog by now? At first I was a liiiiittle bit concerned that only those 2 chairs were ever occupied but I’m glad to read that there were more.

  11. Sound slike a fun time!!

    BTW – I finally followed your label tutorial. I LOVE them! 🙂 Thank you.

    And, I so, thought you would getthe Colorway Contest!

  12. That sounds fun! I haven’t spun in public yet. I think I would be nervous that I was doing at all wrong. Of course, I’m weird like that. 🙂

  13. Ok, Carole, so if I come to your library, would it be too annoying if I asked you to teach me to knit. I promise I won’t whine. Promise. Pleeeeeease?

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