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Ride the Wave

You’ve all seen this by now, right?

It’s the brainchild of Ms. Obsession du Jour with a button by my buddy Maryse. Don’t you think it’s a fantastic idea? We’ve seen time and time again what we can do when we work together. I’m sure if we all concentrate our knitting mojo on Mr. Etherknitter’s leg we’ll make a difference for him, too. Plus, I have it on good authority that he smiles and nods every time he reads that another knitter is dedicating their knitting to the healing of his leg bone. Smiling = happiness. And happiness is supposed to promote healing, right?

So, I hereby dedicate my current pair of socks to Mr. Etherknitter.
The pattern, big surprise, is Feather and Fan. The yarn is Hawaii Joy from Marie at Brooklyn Handspun. I’m calling them my Ocean Wave socks.

So, Mr. Etherknitter, if you’re reading, I promise to think of you with every stitch and hope that it somehow helps your leg to heal. In the meantime, maybe you should take up knitting. I think it’s less hazardous than skiing. And I’m sure there are loads of bloggers willing to teach you!

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. So now I’ll have to go figure out a knitting project for Mr. E’s healing.

  2. I love the socks, Carole. Good to see your blog is functional again, too! I was completely freaked out when I couldn’t find you earlier.

  3. Now this is pretty scary. I just decided to knit an almost identical pair of socks for Miss B. Pix as soon as I get to the wavy part. Meanwhile, Mr. E, Carole and I have some powerful telepathic knitting mojo going here. So knit that bone!

  4. Oh look at you all trying to seduce a man to the fibery ways while he’s weak and incapacitated.

    Yarn floozy.

  5. Hee! Kellee doesn’t have to worry, he has steadfastly refused to knit (with yarn). I told him not to take it too far, and look what happens. I’m forwarding a link to your mojo, Carole, to him. Thank you! The grin will be big when he sees this.

  6. mmm – gorgeous socks (and fiber too!) scattered all throughout your blog 🙂 I’ll be plotting and scheming for your dye-o-rama colorway 😀

  7. Lovely, lovely. My favorite pair of socks in the universe are Koigu Feather and Fan – maybe I should make some more?

  8. Thanks for the Mr. Etherknitter info. I’ve dedicated my Ribby knitting to help knit up that bone.

  9. Beauteous! With all this mojo floating through the air, those bones are going to have no choice but to get their act together.

  10. Carole, you’re in a sock rut….but these are lovely! You should try adding a picot edge, I love how the picot looks with the scallopy waviness of the F&F!

    We’ll knit those fractious bones together post haste! 🙂

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