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New Hampshire Soggy & Wool

Are you ready for the second installment in the continuing fiber festival adventures of Carole and Dale? Well.

I knew it was time to leave the fairgrounds when the legs of my jeans were completely soaked – they had wicked up from the hem and my jacket had dripped water down on my thighs and the two wet areas met at my knees. Yuck. I felt bad about missing some of the buildings but I knew I couldn’t take anymore. So we left and headed to the hotel.

Can you say sublime? A king sized bed with an in-room jacuzzi couldn’t have been more welcome after a day in the cold and wet. And yet, we had made promises to meet good friends for dinner and I didn’t want to let my buddies down. I knew if we didn’t get ready and leave that hotel room within 10 minutes that Dale would never get me out the door. So, I changed from wet to dry clothes, including my newly finished shapely shawlette, freshened up the hair and make up and we set out to find Margaritas.

We got there about 5 and didn’t expect anyone else until after 6 so we sat in the bar. Rough, I’ll tell you. The Negra Modelos kept coming and we had a great time. It seemed like minutes and suddenly there was Maryse and Joe. And then Kat. Finally in came Debby, Kellee, Wendy and Rob, and Elisa and Mike. My buddies. Dinner was fantastic, the conversations ranged from silly to serious but that jacuzzi was calling my name so we left the others at the restaurant and headed back to the room.

Dim the lights. This blog is rated G.

In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel and headed up to drive around Lake Winnipesaukee. Of course, Patternworks is right in the path of that particular scenic drive, so we stopped. Imagine my surprise when I heard Dale talking to people in a different room and there was Wendy and Elisa! It was really cool to bump into them and share more yarn-y pursuits. I might have slipped and made a few yarn purchases. Debbie Bliss Denim Aran was on sale, I couldn’t help myself.

We finally headed home mid-afternoon. The rain had never let up and the sides of the road were flooded in many places. We made it down Route 1 South only to hear they closed it within minutes after our pass through. There is a state of emergency in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and some pretty serious flooding in areas. Send good dry thoughts that way, okay?


It was a great trip. I got to hang out and shop with good friends. I got to eat good food and drink good beer. I got a bit of romance with my hubbo. I got fleece and yarn and a bit of time away from home. I know we would have been more comfortable if we had been out in the sunshine. But I don’t believe for a second that we would have had more fun!

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  1. I only live vicariously through your blog, Carole. It all sounds great!

    (I don’t want to sound overly optimistic nor to trigger the weather goddess’s perverse sense of humor again, but have you seen tomorrow’s forecast?)

  2. What a fun, if soggy, time you east coasters have been having! Jealous here — no great fiber festivals close by that I can find. Maybe the state fairs this summer?

  3. Okay, my reverse psychology with the weather has totally not been working so I’m going to go the other way and say sun for tomorrow! I hope to God it works.

  4. Knitters know how to make the best of a soggy situation. We saw the flooding in NE on the news last night and I pray for each and everyone of you back there!

  5. I’m so glad you enjoyed your weekend despite the rain! The margs and the jacuzzi sound like wonderful weekend pursuits after a day of slogging in the rain and mud (even if the slogging was in pursuit of fibery goodness).

  6. oh, you got to go to Patternworks? SO jealous.

    Maybe I’ll have to go to Webs later to counteract it… ;o)

  7. The amount of fun that came out of all that wet and cold is pretty amazing, isn’t it? I think it speaks well of the personalities involved! And yes, let’s all send some good mojo to those who are so affected by the flooding.

  8. DAMN! You guys are crazy! I did venture out in the rain to go for a walk on Saturday – but after that, didn’t leave my house for the weekend.

    Are you going to MA S&W?

  9. Sending dry thoughts your way!! But at least you had a fabulous weekend. And let us know when we should start knitting you an ark…

  10. Sorry about all that rain. We’re getting it here too. It’s miserable, eh?
    Sounds like you had such fun, and boy, we could use a getaway to a hotel here. We haven’t gone anywhere together since the honeymoon, 10 years ago. Sad innit?
    Sending sunny thoughts your way……

  11. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time, Carole. Thoughts of your jacuzzi make me wish I’d never sold the hot tub during the divorce!

    I keep hearing about the flooding in your part of the world. I hope it dries out soon!

  12. I agree with you wholeheartedly! I think that the bad weather will, in retrospect, make this one of the more memorable festivals. I mean, we had so much fun in the face of such ugly weather!

    Oh – and I hope that we’ll be getting pictures of all the lovelies you purchased at NH S&W… 😉

  13. You know what they say about what you do when life gives you lemons? Sounds like you made some tasty lemonade despite the weater! I’m thinking dry safe thoughts for all New England, promise you’ll return the favor come June 1 (thru Nov. 30!)?

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