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Trek, Trek, Baby

I haven’t said anything about it but I have done some Trekking for the Trek Along With Me.

I started the socks while on the plane, trekking to see Margene. And, yes, I used the yarn you all voted for. Although, at least according to Margene, some of you voted for this not because it was your favorite of the Trekking yarn I have but because you want to see just how ugly these socks will be. You know who you are.

On the trip home from Colorado, while driving through Wyoming, we crossed the Continental Divide. Did you know that you actually cross this twice while driving through Wyoming? This intrigued me and, like a good librarian, I did some research. For the uninformed curious, the Continental Divide is actually a ridge of high ground running North and South through the Rocky Mountains. Therefore, you cross it twice. You can read more about it here. Please note: Wyoming = brown and windy.

Back in Utah, where it’s more green and blue and not so brown, the sock trekked to Silver Fork Lodge for breakfast.

And then to Silver Lake where it posed next to some wild strawberry plants. It’s not as ugly as you all thought it would be, is it?

Further trekking adventures to come. This time, though, they will be a bit closer to home.

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  1. It goes nicely with the strawberry plants. I started mine too, finally, after lots of swatching and needle angst. I may actually post about it one of these days :).

  2. Not sure why crossing the CD is such a big deal, but it is. When I crossed the CD years ago, I was driving, it was midnight and everyone else in the car slept through it. Next time I cross, I will poke awake anyone who isn’t cause I expect there to be some shared excitement. Even in the brown wind.

  3. Love the sock! Too bad I missed signing up for the trek along since I have some trek yarn in my stash and will be doing mucho treking myself this summer (including 2 weeks in Colorado beginning on the 15th). We crossed the CD last summer in Glacier Nat. Park and will be crossing it again on our trip this year. Isn’t there also something about the rivers running one direction on one side of it and the other on the other side of it or is that some old wives tale? Must look that up… 🙂

  4. Man, that is some weird Trekking! I have never seen its like in any yarn shop. Where’d you even find it? 😉 And no, it isn’t all that bad–the greys and blue-greys (?) help cool the yellow down. I bet you’ll be surprised by how much you like them when they’re done. 😉

  5. It’s much prettier knitted up than it was in the ball. It’s especially pretty with the strawberry plant. Thank you for the CD info! I think of you every time I’m at the SFL…three times this weekend;-)

  6. OMG, that is so funny: I got so interested in reading about the Continental Divide, and following the links, etc., that for two hours I forgot that it was YOUR post that led me there. So I am back to comment. Very cool. And that Trekking yarn is interesting! Very much looking forward to what the finished socks look like.

  7. You’re right, the sock isn’t looking so bad ;o)

    Of course, blue and gold were my school colors so I’m kinda partial…

  8. More libel about poor Wyoming. But, at least we have the continental divide – twice! The trekking sock is nicer than expected – just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a sock by the ball (heehee).

  9. Lurid might be a good word for the sock, if it weren’t for all that soothing dark green… I was one of those who voted for it because I liked it – it’s a bit brighter live and in person, but still quite full of some of my favorite greens, and tones down when spread out into a sock! I will have to read about the CD at home, though.

  10. CD twice? I thought it related to the spot on the continent that divided which direction the water went downhill. In simplistic terms.

  11. Hi Carole, found your blog while surfing knitting blogs, love the sock colours, and will pop back again to see what other great knits & adventures you are doing.


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