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Vacation Knitting

I overpacked for this vacation at the beach. I didn’t overpack clothes. I overpacked yarn. Do you do this? What is it about knitters and the time/space continuum? I always think I can knit way more than I actually can so I overpack the knitting. Because a panic would occur were I to run out of knitting.

So I brought along the Mountain Dew Trekking socks in progress, yarn for my Toasty Toes socks, Hannah’s birthday socks, plus two extra skeins of sock yarn for Justin Case. You all know him, right? I also brought the Adamas Shawl and some cotton for dish clothes.

The reality? I finished the Mountain Dew socks and got about 2/3 of the way through the first of Hannah’s birthday socks. That’s it. But I had a lot of fun and the socks went a lot of places!

The beach. Do you know what you wind up with when you sit on the beach and knit for a portion of every day?

Knitter’s Tan. Your arm gets all tanned up, except for where you keep it bent to hold the knitting. Sort of like Truck Driver’s Tan without the diesel fumes.

The socks went to dinner at The British Beer Company.

And they begged to pose with Dale and Hannah while at the BBC.

They were finished and worn by Hannah by the end of the week. Yippee!

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