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Sock It To Me

Thanks to everyone who has entered the Adamas Finishing contest! I love hearing from all of you, both faithful commenters and delurkers alike. I think you’ve broken my current comment record with this post. I’ve always known the best way to get people to speak up is to offer them free yarn!

Speaking of free yarn, Cheryl has started a contest of her own to go with the Wing of the Moth race. You should head on over to her blog and place your bet on who will finish first. A word of advice, though. Don’t bet on me. I haven’t even started yet and these other knitters are way out in front!

Prior to this mad dash to finish Adamas I was knitting socks. I finished Hannah’s birthday socks in record time – just one week from start to finish.

This is me, modeling Hannah’s socks – yes, we wear the same sock size. I love them! The colors remind me of birthday cake and the stripes match perfectly. Perfectly. The yarn is Meilenweit Magico and was purchased on my trip to Utah to visit Margene. They are a gift for Hannah’s 14th birthday which is only 2 weeks away.

In a moment of nostalgia I put my foot up on the windowsill in my office next to one of my favorite pictures of Hannah. It’s from a long ago camping trip and she’s only 6 in this photo. It was the summer after she had finished 1st grade. Now she’s going to high school. Man alive, that was quick!

Once I finished the birthday socks (my 14th pair of finished socks in ’06 if anyone is keeping track) my needles were free to start the socks for the Toasty Toes swap.

I had this yarn custom dyed by Emily and it’s fabulous. It’s all the colors of Autumn – the leaves, the mums, the sky – and I hope my pal will love the colors as much as I do. The pattern is Best Foot Forward from Knit Socks and they’re moving along nicely.

Well, they were moving along nicely, until this week. Right now it’s all about Adamas, damn it.

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  1. Love the color of your TT socks! Your pal will surely love them. Hannah’s socks are fun, too. Kids grow way to fast. Life goes way to fast!

  2. You know, anytime anyone says, “Dammit” at the end of a sentence, I *still* mentally add “Janet”.

    Ack, Hannah’s in high school! Now I get to send you best wishes for your emotional well-being.

  3. I don’t want to hear that the time goes by THAT fast! My daughter will be starting 2nd grade this year – I don’t even want to think about high school!

    Love the socks, by the way! I’ve finished one pair this year. 🙂

  4. That picture of Hannah is so cute! No wonder you keep it in your office. I hope you’re knitting your little heart out on Adamas because you’re going to love this Moth shawl!

  5. yep, it does go quickly. My baby girl left yesterday for college! Love the socks, love the color. Love seeing a finished project. 🙂

  6. beginning high school – indeed time races by.
    and I swear that with daughters, it gets better every single year 🙂 (don’t know about with sons – didn’t have any of those)She sure is a beauty !
    The sock yarn for TT is divine! Who wouldn’t love ’em!

  7. I love Hannah’s socks. I’m not usually one for pink, but those are very pretty. Just like you said.. a birthday cake.
    My oldest starts 2nd grade this year, her younger brother starts 1st grade. And two at home. So I have a year off before I “let one go” again. So the first day of school this year, is rather painless.

  8. Holy cow! That Autumn-y yarn is some of the prettiest I have EVER seen. It’s the blue that makes it special, I think–it really pops among all the earthy colors. Yummy!

  9. Love the socks. So girlie girl. And I don’t think time really does go by that fast. Kids just seem to be in a different time continum then we adults. In real adult time my youngest 2 should be heading off to first grade but somehow in kid time they think they are heading off to college. Go figure.

  10. The socks for H are so cute – and you’re so awesome to have them already finished ahead of the birthday!! My daughter will be 14 on Christmas day this year – she’s getting the Canada socks I started – need to get going on the 2nd one so I’ll be ready in advance with the gift instead of a last minute knitting panic at Christmas time! Last year I gave her a bog of yarn and a pattern that would be a sweater. ha The sweater is now half way finished – better get that done too, eh? heh

  11. Hannah’s socks are lovely. How lucky that you both wear the same size. The custom dyed yarn is so beautiful!
    The time does fly. My daughter is starting her senior year of high school and looking at colleges. I swear I just walked her to kindergarten last year…

  12. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have a daughter in HS…my “baby” will be 2 on Friday and I can’t figure out where the last two years went and how she is so big and full of personality already. Oy!

    Hannah’s socks are fun! TT socks looking good too :o)

  13. Since I KNOW you are knitting those TT socks for me, I can tell you unequivocally that I love those colors!! Just beautiful!!

  14. Ooooh, the socks look great (am I allowed to say that?!) I love the pattern you picked to go with the Fall Mums yarn. Fab!

    All this talk of growing up too fast is killing me. We took my oldest to first grade today. I had my teary moment and I think we are ok now. You never believe how fast it will go, even though other moms tell you. Man, it IS fast!

  15. Those socks are the color of birthday cake! I don’t think there could be more perfect birthday socks! Your tosty toes sock yarn is gorgeous!

  16. It’s amazing how fast time flies. I have a nephew in COLLEGE. Yikes!

    14 pairs of socks. Whew. That’s might impressive! The toasty toes yarn is gorgeous.

  17. It seems like just yesterday mine were in high school and now I’m a grandma. Geez. Talk about fast!
    Your pal will love that yarn. The colors are beautiful!

  18. Makes me want to cry, seeing all the motherly love being expressed with some good looking feet with the greatest pair of socks EVER.
    (Phew. That was one long run on sentence, huh?)

  19. You prolific sock-knitters just kill me—I love how you crank them out! You’ve got the striping SO perfect on that beautiful pair!

  20. Way to give away my birthday present, mom!:-)I knew you wouldn’t wear pink socks. I love that picture of me, my hair looks awesome! It doesn’t feel like time is going fast, it feels slow.

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