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Sock Talk

There is someone out there claiming to have the fastest pair of socks in the East. But she’s wrong because these are the fastest socks in the East:


I finished Heather’s birthday socks in time. And this is most definitely the fastest I have ever knit a pair of socks. I started last Tuesday morning and finished late Sunday night. That’s only 6 days, my friends, and I worked at the library on 4 of those days and attended a spin in on the 5th day and on the 6th day I wasted a lot of time with the Sims. Ahem.


Look at that stripey goodness. Don’t they line up perfectly? The yarn, for those that want to know, is Vesper Sock Yarn in the Strange Little Mama colorway. It was a gift from my grrls Jessica and Missa over at kpixie. Just because they love me so much. And the pattern is called “Peaks ‘n Valleys” and it’s from the book Knit Socks! by Betsy Lee McCarthy. It’s a board book shaped like a sock and it’s not only perfect for a beginning sock knitter, which I was when I bought it 4 years ago, but it’s also excellent for an experienced sock knitter, too.


I’m so glad these socks are done. Of course, I didn’t even see the birthday girl on her birthday so it didn’t really matter, it was more of a self-imposed deadline. But still. Now I can go back to knitting my Toasty Toes socks. Which are turning out to be the slowest socks in the East.

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  1. Great sock pattern! Couldn’t have asked for better symmetry with the striping. Heather is a lucky grrl.

  2. No, my dear, my Trekking socks are the slowest socks in the East. (“Socks” is still inaccurate. I rest my case.) I love the socks, though. Lucky Heather.

  3. The socks are beautiful and you knit them faster than I have ever knit socks. I just finished a pair of Scale Skin socks and I never thought they’d be done.

  4. Those socks are beautiful! I love the pattern – guess I’m gonna have to go buy another book – because I don’t have enough knitting books now 🙂

  5. They look awesome! I love that big ole’ sock book. Do you do a long-tail or knit cast-on and keep track of the stripe sequence — I’m asking because they match perfectly!

  6. Perhaps I should have said “fastest socks on the North Shore” then? You totally get the real title for those – they are lovely. I will however, gladly challenge you for slowest socks in the East – now that would be some race, huh?

  7. They look great! And I’m glad to see that colorway knit up since I have some in my stash — love the colors and stripey goodness 🙂

  8. Hey, I’ll challenge any of y’all for slowest socks. There’s the pair I started 10 years ago and finished this Spring!

    Socks look great!

  9. Ohh! Happy Lucky Birthday Girl! Pretty socks – everybody loves getting hand knit socks. Of course I felt weird giving them to my motherinlaw for her birthday a few weeks ago with a big bunch of family gathered around. All the other presents were DVDs, jewelry, picture frames, more jewelry (lots of oohing and aahing)….. and then she opens mine and says “oh – socks” (dead silence). I felt incredibly weird. But it’s okay. I know she’ll like having them.

  10. So cute. I love the colors and the pattern works great with the stripey yarn (and that’s not the easiest thing in the world). I’m impressed that you knit them in 6 days and they aren’t even worsted weight – impressive.

  11. NICE Vesper. And you did an awespome job knitting them to match like that. And, yeah, that’s fast. (Margene is slow at socks because she entertains SO much.)

  12. dang, 6 days! My latest socks are going on, um, 6 months? Guess I should work on them faster. Love the ruffles at the tops! That is some excellent stripiness 🙂

  13. Those socks turned out wonderfully – and Yay! for timely knitted gifts! The colors and stripey goodness are yummy! Great job!

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