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Well toast my toes, what have we here?


Finished Toasty Toes Socks, just in time for “>Socktoberfest. And they’re ready almost a whole month early, too. Because you know how I hate the deadline knitting.

Now I know you all won’t go back and check the details that I’ve already posted as I knit these, so I’ll tell you again.

The pattern is called “Best Foot Forward” and it’s from the book Knit Socks! by Betsy Lee McCarthy. This is the 4th time I’ve knit this particular pattern and it’s wonderful. It makes for a great gift sock because it’s stretchy so if you’re size is off by a bit it should still fit the recipient. In this case my sock pal’s measurements and my own measurements are the same so I’m pretty confident these will fit her. And this book itself is great. It not only has basic sock knitting information for the beginning sock knitter but it’s also got more advanced patterns for the experienced sock knitter. Go look. NOW.


The yarn is Sophie’s Toes Yarn, custom dyed for my sock pal by Emily. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful this yarn is. The colors are fabulous and Emily captured exactly what I was looking for – autumn leaves and sky and flowers. And soft! Oh my goodness, this yarn is a treat for the feet. She’s got some gorgeous new colors in her Etsy Shop and she’s offering free shipping on 2 skeins or more in honor of Socktoberfest. Go look. NOW.


And the sock blockers I haven’t showed you yet so pay attention, this is new information. These were custom made for me by Becky in a library motif. I absolutely love them and they make blocking socks a lot of fun. Becky will make you custom sock blockers, too, but the ones in her shop, Leggy Creations, are pretty terrific. And so are the sheep. Go look. NOW.

Now I just need to find autumn goodies to put in my pal’s package along with the socks. I’ve already got a skein of sock yarn to include for her, custom dyed for me by Scout. I’d show you but it would give away the identity of my sock pal too easily so you’ll have to wait. I can tell you, though, that Scout did exactly what I asked and this gift yarn is perfect for my pal. If you haven’t tried Scout’s yarn yet, it’s great. She has a shop, you know. Go look. NOW.

Have fun shopping, y’all.

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  1. Pretty socks! That must be a great pattern. You don’t hear of many people making the same sock pattern 4 times. I’ll have to go check it out….well you said I had to anyway. 😉

    I love my Leggy sock blockers too. I am amazed at how nice blocked socks look. I never used to block them before.

  2. In an enabling mood, are you? 🙂 The TT socks are gorgeous (and now I can’t wait to see who the lucky recipient is), and I love the sock blockers Becky created for you.

  3. Those socks look awesome Carole….I am sure your TT pal will love them. I have the hats and mittens books and have wondered about the socks…guess I will have to grab that book too! Love those blockers; have to go check out a few etsys…LOL!

  4. What lovely socky creations, Carole! Beautiful fall colors too! I love the Leggy blockers… and of course, I love the library theme as well 😉

  5. Your TT socks are just gorgeous Carole! Fabulous job. That is one of the few sock books I don’t have, so I am going to go look. Now!

  6. The socks look great! Lovely fall colors. Man, finished a month early, eh? I don’t like racing toward a deadline, but I do need ’em to keep going.

  7. The socks are lovely, Carole. I’ve got some socks on hold while I do my deadline knitting and I sorely miss them!

  8. Beautiful socks! Love your leggy sock blockers. They are a lot of fun to block your socks with and such a creavtive idea!

    I’m going to go check out that sock yarn. Now.

  9. Bossy this morning, aren’t we. Lovely socks and lovely links. There’s just so much good stuff waiting to suck all the money out of my bank account. Sigh.

  10. Bossy this morning, aren’t we. Lovely socks and lovely links. There’s just so much good stuff waiting to suck all the money out of my bank account. Sigh.

  11. Oh, Carole, there are so many things about this post that I adore. First, the socks! You are right, the colof is fabulous! And your Leggy Creation- I ordered a pair about a week ago, and now seeing your just makes me itch for mine! I can be patient though, b/c making those must take quite a bit of time.
    **Oh, and your Moth shawl from earlier is gorgeous, if I haven’t said so yet.

  12. Great socks!
    I love Becky’s sock blockers, and once I take some dachshunds-modelin-knitwear pictures, I’m going to ask for some custom ones too!

  13. Grrl, you are reading my MIND! Stop that! I just sent Becky a comment asking about just plain stained sock blockers. I was looking at the pair I’m designing right now and thinking “Jeez… I need sock blockers for these.

  14. Thank you for such wonderful compliments on the yarn! I’m glad you liked it! I love those socks and can’t wait til your pal gets them.

  15. Heh, I went to look (as commanded) — NOW (as commanded) — and I haven’t found my way back ’til now! ; ) Those sock blockers are CUTE! I haven’t knit that sock pattern, but I sure love how it looks. Very nice, Carole!

  16. Awesome socks- need to try a pair of those, NOW…. and get some blockers, NOW. Are those the regular sized blockers btw? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

  17. Wow, those are some special socks, what with being knit with custom-dyed yarn and blocked on custom sock-blockers. They look great!

  18. What lovely TT socks, Carole! I’ve borrowed Knit Socks from the library a couple of times already, and it’s on my ‘to buy’ list. I’m thinking Peaks and Valleys next.

  19. Carole,
    I’m hoping you can help me! I have the Knit Socks! book and I love it. I have 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces yarn in “Jeans” that I want to make for my dad for Christmas. Do you think Best Foot Forward would work in that colorway, for a man? He’s a shoe size 12 and I’m not completely sure if the pattern will work or not. What do you think?
    Thanks from a fellow Socktoberist,

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