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Meet Marco Polo

I’m nupping, yes indeed, I’m nupping . . .

Oh, Hi! You’re here! I was just doing a little singing along to Fats Domino. Can you guess what’s on my needles right now? Sigh.

And as long as we’re playing guessing games, would you like to guess who arrived at my house at the end of last week?


Yup. Mr. Marco Polo himself in the form of a Yarn Aboard Box from the very generous and super sweet Cynthia.

When I tell you I was completely spoiled by what Cynthia sent me, well, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. There was fiber and chocolate and candles and goodies and Jacquard dyes and . . . here, let me show you.

Baby Camel and Silk (from Crown Mountain Farms, of course) and more silk. Clearly, Cynthia thinks I’m a more talented spinner than I am if she’s sending me silk. But I’ll do my best by the silk.

And look at the colorful stuff from Canada! There’s Fleece Artist and other Canadian fiber, too. And the most gorgeous beaded orifice hook I’ve ever seen. And chocolate. Because what’s a swap package without some fabulous chocolate, eh?

So many good things, all for ME.


Well, me and Mason, apparently. At least he left the fiber alone and just went after the tissue paper.

There was also a very thoughtful and kind note which really touched my heart. Thank you so very much, Cynthia. Amanda sure did right by me when she hooked me up with you.

And now, Mr. Marco Polo has left Chez Carole Knits for the next leg on his adventure. I wonder where he’ll turn up?

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  1. What a fabulous package! I wonder if Mason and Gabby are distantly related. She’s always more interested in the bubble wrap. In fact, obsessed might be a better world. 🙂

  2. What a great pal! Lovely stuff Carole. Now all of us spinners will be waiting with bated breath to see it all spun up.

  3. What is it about cats and tissue paper? My dearly departed Mimi just adored it.
    And that’s quite a nice fiber haul you have. I have a silk/cashmere bump in my fiber stash and I also feel hesitant to spin it up for fear of destroying it.

  4. I can actually feel how soft that cashmere/silk is through the screen. Truely. And the stuff from The Black Lamb I’ve fondled in person and know exactly how soft it is. Can’t wait to see it spun up.

  5. Ooh La La Carole 🙂 I bet you can’t stop petting the silk, huh? I love me some silk yarn, but there is something about silk roving that makes you NOT want to spin it. I could pet mine all day. That and the alpaca, OMG the alpaca. Even better, the silk/alpaca blend *swoon* 🙂
    Have fun dyeing! What a great package!

  6. That is a wonderful package! You are in for some fun spinning. I can’t spin silk yet; I keep trying but haven’t been able to accomplish it yet.

  7. Wow – what an excellent package! I am waiting – not very patiently – for the explorers to show up at my doorstep.

  8. Wow – incredible packages! What fun!

    Whenever I get a package with tissue paper Topaz goes bananas for it. Plastic bags too. I think it’s the sound!

  9. Molly The Dog goes insane over tissue paper. That and toilet paper tubes. Of course, being a dog, she’s more into eating the paper goodies than laying on them.

    She’ll also steal paper napkins out of your lap – you have to be on guard at our house during meals!

  10. What a wonderful box of goodies! Isn’t the baby camel just the softest thing you’ve ever touched? I hope you’re having a great time playing with it all.

  11. Heh, you just need to EMBRACE the nupps. After the first dozen you kind of get numb to the whole experience.
    I just finished Lily of the Valley on Saturday. No more nupps for me! (for at least a little while)

  12. I am so glad you loved the loot Carole; you totally deserve it! The silk was on your wish list and I thought that what us pals were supposed to do…LOL. And I can tell you I sure don’t feel ready for silk but I know you will do a great job…dig in!

  13. what a great package! We had no idea when she ordered that it was for you 🙂 What a fab goodie box – and that orafice hook is gorgeous.
    Go for it with the silk – you might just love it!!
    Can’t wait to see how those fleece artist fibers spin up – their colors are lovely.

  14. Ooh! What fibery goodness from your pal! And camel-silk just sounds so luxurious — I can’t wait to see what you make from it.

  15. Well, I know what you’re nupping! I hope it’s going along smoothly.
    That package looks wonderful. Isn’t it great being spoiled by pals?

  16. I’m sure that a beaded orfice hook is a perfectly innocent tool, but it sounds to me like an instrument of torture. 🙂

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