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Tis GREAT To Receive

My Better Pal sent me my first package last week and it arrived yesterday. I know everybody says this but, really MY Better Pal is the BEST!

That there is the loot. And, I’m a dope and I didn’t take a picture before I unwrapped everything because I’m a little kid when it comes to presents and I got way too excited and there was newspaper and tissue paper and wrapping paper all over the kitchen. Ahem. I’ll describe it for you so you can picture how cute it was – the red yarn (alpaca, dude) was twisted up and wrapped in green tissue paper, with part of the red peeking out. There were 2 double pointed needles stuck through the middle of the whole thing and it was placed inside the martini glass. It was a yarn olive. How cool (and clever!) is that?!? Really, really awesome. And blue cheese stuffed olives – which I love and have only been able to find at The Cheesecake Factory – and Knit Lit the Third and a complete set of double points. Sigh.

Clearly, my pal has been reading the blog and paying attention to what I really love. I love you, Pallie. You ARE the best!

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  1. So creative! I’m taking notes, here, for next time. Ohhh, that alpaca looks delish. I’ve never tried the blue-cheese-stuffed olives. I’m almost afraid to. Do I need another food thing to get addicted to?

  2. Glad you liked my little theme! I’m a bit partial to the blue-cheese stuffed olives myself. I’ll taunt you by telling you that a grocery in my area sells about 2 dozen varieties of olives out in bins. Various seasonings as well as the stuffed variety which include your standard pimento, blue cheese, feta cheese, almonds or pickled garlic cloves. MMmmmmmmmm. Unfortunately, the fresh ones do not travel so I had to settle for bottled. ;>

  3. Yummmmmm! Love that martini with the blue cheese olives at the cheesecake factory. Now you can make it at home 🙂

  4. Carole, I just love your description of being so excited! The martini thingie is way too clever, so no, it’s not me who’s your BP. Enjoy the olives.

  5. Oh, isn’t that the cutest thing? I just love clever stuff like that!! Mmmm, that Blue Sky Alpaca is really yummy stuff even when it’s not in a martini glass, too. ; )

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