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Trick of Treat Socks Swap Package

I don’t participate in swaps much anymore. Back in the day I had a ball with them but after a while they became a chore so I stopped signing up for them. But when Lynne and Emily emailed me about joining the Trick or Treat Sock Swap I just had to say yes.

My package from my pal, Karen, arrived yesterday and I’m so glad I signed up for this one.

Everything was wrapped in festive orange and black and there were certainly a lot of treats crammed into that box.

There was candy. Mmm. Candy.

And seasonal candles. I love the pumpkin ones and the scented ones from Yankee Candle smell delicious. And the cutest little pumpkin dish.

There was also ShibuiKnits sock yarn in a beautiful shade of blue and, of course, socks for me.

Aren’t they fabulous? Totally Frankenstein, I’m thinking!

Thanks for a wonderful package, Karen. And thanks for talking me into joining this swap, Emily and Lynne!

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  1. What a great package of fun. And those are incredible socks, cute toes.
    I’ve always been a fan of Yankee Candle. I have a dozen Holiday scented votives I keep in my fabric cabinet and it’s always a treat to open the doors and have the fragrances wafting out.

  2. You received a lovely package. 🙂 I rather enjoy swaps but had to bow out of some because the money became tight. I find that I rather like smaller and more intimate swaps.

  3. You got some great goodies there!

    I haven’t read knitting blogs for a couple of days (you are first on my list!), so I have to say how great I thought Tuesday’s post was. I said so yesterday, but the more I think and the more I read the more concerned I am that we seem to have forgotten how to disagree respectfully, if we ever knew. And we need that dissent, or we’re all toast.

  4. I knew it was going to be a good one by the poem she left on the blog a couple days back.

    I love those socks. (Everytime I see socks on you or anyone else, I really, really wish that I liked making them. I just don’t. Sigh.)

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