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Special Swap: Spa Package

All fixed now. Thanks, Missa!

Thank you all again for the get well wishes. I didn’t end up going to work yesterday but took another day of rest and recovery. I’m feeling better but I still sound a lot like Kathleen Turner. You know?

Anyway, you know what can make you feel great even when you feel bad? A swap package. And my Special Swap package arrived right on time.


The theme this time was “Spa” and my package was from the Special Swap organizer herself, Lynne. She put together an extraordinary package! Thanks you so much, Lynne. You really went over-the-top with this terrific box of treats.


There are the typical spa type things like soaps, a face mask and a loofah. But then there are really special things like a beautifully scented candle and chocolate strawberries and the most wonderful shea butter exfoliating salt scrub.


There was also a relaxation CD and some blue cheese stuffed olives and a knitting book. But the most wonderful part of this package was the kimono that Lynne herself sewed for me. It’s the brown floral fabric you see in the photo and it’s just beautiful. I’m going to get myself some brown yoga pants and wear it with my kimono and treat myself to a whole day of relaxing and pampering with all these goodies.


But not today. Today I am going to work. Really, I am this time.

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  1. Oh, to enjoy a day at the spa! Thom treated me to a lovely massage and foot treatment for my birthday, and now I really want to be a “lady of leisure” and do that every week. Darn this non-profit job of mine …

  2. What an incredible package! Amazing and wonderful. A perfect time to pamper yourself, when you’re just getting over that sickness.

  3. Wonderful package! Hope you enjoy every little thing in there and just relax to your heart’s content.

    glad you are feeling a bit better.

  4. I’m thrilled to hear that you are feeling better. Dave must love the Kathleen Turner voice.

    That’s one of the best packages of any kind of seen. The kimono is has to be the best part. Wow!

  5. What a great fun package! I wish I sounded like Kathleen Turner – my voice right now is much more manly – but I can’t put a name on it. Just manly 🙂

  6. LOL about the Kathleen Turner voice. I always like my “sick” voice – until I start to cough and sputter. That’s not quite as sexy. And wow, you’ll really be pampered by the things in Lynne’s package!

  7. Hope you feel all better. I hate getting those sinus things. That great package should really help. I am sneezing and sniffing after cleaning out a bookcase in my library office. Take care!

  8. what a lovely swap – and you so totally deserve it.
    I’m sorry to hear that you have had some crud too – I’ve been so buried under blankets that I’m only just now surfacing a bit.
    Here’s to a healthy month ahead for all of us!
    P>S> I bet you make a pretty sexy Kathleen Turner (grin)

  9. you know what caught my attention? Bleu cheese stuffed olives. YUM! In my fridge are jalapeno & garlic stuffed olives, and they’re pretty damn good.

    but that kimono is really cool. Lucky you! Enjoy all of it, soon.

    you had a blog crash? Yikes!

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