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Summer Spinning Update

I’m on vacation, did you know? It’s great! This week I’m home, hanging around, knitting, spinning and relaxing. Next week we’re off to Cape Cod for the week. Me, Dale, Hannah, Mason and Dixie. You’ve got to love a rental where you can bring the dog and cat!

So, I have some spinning to show you. Abigail is truly settling in now and we’re getting along well. Dale cleaned up the bobbin and flyer a bit for me with some very fine sandpaper and she’s spinning beautifully since then. Here’s the first skein she and I have made together:


It’s Coopworth, nothing special, just what I had brought with me when I went to try her out. I think there’s about 140 yards there and it’s probably the finest yarn I’ve spun yet. Here’s a close up:


Truly, not bad. And if it was anyone’s but my own, I’d say it was great.

I’ve also been spending some time with Rosie. After spinning that Romney for so long I decided she needed something colorful on her bobbin so I’ve been spinning the batt I bought from Indigo Moon.


The colors are gorgeous and this stuff practically spins by itself. And Rosie and I have a wonderful relationship so it’s a real joy to spin with her.

My other goal for the summer was to knit with my own handspun and I finally am doing just that. It’s just a simple scarf and the yarn is pretty thick/thin (which was actually what I was aiming for when I spun it) but I’m really enjoying the handspun! It’s about time, eh?


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  1. Really pretty, Carole. And how wonderful to take something from bat to knitted garment. Such an accomplishment.

  2. Your spinning looks great! I really love the colors in the Indigo Moon batt.

    Knitting with your own handspun is so satisfying and your scarf looks awesome.

  3. There is just really nothing better than handspun. I have been seeing so many people doing so much spinning, that I had a hankering to do it, so I sat down for a few minutes and found that I had lost a lot of practice. I got frustrated pretty quickly. I need to get back at it.

  4. man, i need a vacation. 😉

    the colors in the indigo moon batt are so pretty. and your spinning is looking awesome.

  5. Ooh, that white yarn looks luminous. Beautiful job!

    Enjoy your vacation. Vacation at home is wonderful, isn’t it?

  6. You lucky girl with your long vacation! Looks like you are having some great fun – and more to come when you go to Cape Cod 😉


  7. Isn’t knitting with your own handspun great!? I’m glad you and Abigail are reconciling. I’ve found a major hurdle in spinning large quantities on my CPW: I only have one bobbin! I suppose I could spin, wind-off, spin, wind-off, but I’d rather find more bobbins.

  8. Two weeks vacation! Wow, you know how to do vacations right! Have a wonderful and relaxing time.

    Your spinning is beautiful. I am glad you are enjoying your new wheel. I have a batt (from the same place I think) that I keep looking at but don’t know how to spin it. Mine is in layers of colors on top of each other. Is yours like that? Are you tearing off strips? I am scared of ruining it.

    I am knitting my handspun for the first time right now too. It rocks! 🙂

  9. My mouth dropped right open when I saw the Coopworth. “That’s gorgeous” followed. Nice job.
    Hey, did you know Sandy is on vacation this week? She’s everywhere! Have a nice time on the Cape next week.

  10. Nice! Is the Coopworth scoured? It’s so glossy and shiny, I thought maybe it was BFL or something like that. Last Coopworth I spun was like brillo.

  11. You rock girl~ and that spinning is wonderful – (both of them!)
    Knitting with your handspun: it’s just about the best of all isn’t it?! Yay Carole! Have a grand vacation with your family.

  12. Is that the Chocolate-Covered Cherries that you’re knitting with? Oooh!

    I love Coopworth–so easy to spin–it will always be special stuff in my book. 🙂

  13. Ooh, that white yarn looks so perfect! I was just showing DD my first tiny skein of handspun and telling her about your shelf of show-off only yarn, so I am delighted to see what a pretty scarf some of it is becoming. You have turned another corner…

  14. Oooo, aaahhhh…it’s just beautiful. You make all your wheels sing and they in turn give you back the love. I’m enjoying the spindle and love each of mine, too. Maybe I should think of names for each of them.
    Enjoy your vacation…part at home and part away…the perfect way to vacate.

  15. Mmmmmmmmmm. Pretty spinning. I’d say you and Abigail have made friends. 😀

  16. That’s a wonderful way to spend a vacation. I think that you can say the yarn is good, even it if it IS yours.

    Bring the wheel to the Cape. A wheel.

  17. Have a wonderful vacation. Hopefully it’ll be a little more comfortable next week on the Cape. Love the spinning. And knitting with your handspun – excellent!

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