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Post #300!

This is my 300th post! I can’t believe I’ve found something to talk about 300 times and yet, the proof is in the numbers. So, in honor of this milestone, let’s talk about knitting, shall we? I’ll bet you’d like to see what’s on my needles, in fact.

Here is Wing of the Moth.

If you’ll notice, mine is much smaller than everyone else’s. That’s what happens when you use Zephyr Wool-Silk instead of Kidsilk Haze. But I love this yarn so I don’t care. And really, those other shawls are huge! I think mine will be more “average” sized. Well, it will be more average sized if I ever finish it. I’m still racing for last place.

Also on the needles are my Toasty Toes socks.

Yummy yarn from Emily and this is sock one, almost done. But they have been set aside for deadline knitting. Ya’ll know how I love the deadline knitting.

These are socks for my daughter-in-law, Heather.

Why yes, I am addicted to the Magic Loop method. Why do you ask? Anyway, Heather’s birthday is this coming Sunday and this is sock one. Anyone think I can actually finish the pair in time? Yeah, me neither.

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  1. A vote for yes, they will be finished in time. And also a question – what pattern are you using for your Toasty Toes?

  2. 300 posts. Wow. I’ll have to look at how many I have. I have no idea. I don’t like deadline knitting either. At all. I avoid it at all costs. If you don’t finish in time, I say wrap up what you have and then take them back and finish them. Wing of the Moth looks to be almost done. You sure do whip out the shawls.

  3. The Moth looks gorgeous (and after seeing all the huge ones I’d say you were right to do it smaller!). And now for my stupid question of the month. The red sock in the middle picture – is that the pattern that I think it is? Because if it is, I’m going to have to finally knit it (the one I keep asking you about, repeatedly – but this time I know where to find it).

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