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No Time

I really don’t have time for this whole blogging thing. I’m supposed to be finishing Adamas, you know. And the competition for the Wing of the Moth Shawl is getting greater by the minute. Beth has huge amounts of knitting done and Cheryl is offering prizes and now Julia is donating to her favorite charity on behalf of everyone in the race. And Anne has the true edge in all of this because it’s her freaking pattern.

You can’t really expect me to come up with a clever and witty blog post in the midst of all this pressure, can you?

Can’t blog. Must knit.


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  1. You better not be sleeping, eating ora anything else. Get going! However, I voted for Beth as I know she’ll be done very soon.

  2. I was tempted.. I was so close to joining the race last night. But I had such a difficult time with the cast on (probably my choice of yarn combined with turbos.. it was a disaster!) Instead, I followed your example.. and worked on the shawl (Flower Basket) that I said I’d have done by now!
    But you go girl.. you can do it!

  3. Hee hee! I’ve been feeling the same about posting/reading other’s posts/commenting, etc. But I still keep doing it, all the while thinking “I should be knitting…”

  4. Now how did you know I had plans for a post called “can’t blog, must knit” today? 😉 Back to the drawing board…

    Adamas looks great! Nearly finished, even?…

  5. What are you doing blogging about this issue–go knit!!! And if you decide to have some type of contest, I’ll join.
    I’ll knit a red scarf in your name for the Red Scarf project–gooo, knit, knit, knit!

  6. y’know, if you’d just give in to the dark side of rampant WIPing, you wouldn’t have this problem… (insert evil laugh here)

  7. I agree, racing is just plain crazy, but at least the color you showed shimmers with all kinds of light and warmth. Good luck!

  8. Oh my god I know. I’m contemplating a blog hiatus until I get my life back in order. Between cleaning my house, getting ready for school, knitting, designing, and working, I have no time to blog.

    “Knit. Knit like the wind!”

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