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The Race Is On

Picture me, on Friday, innocently reading blogs and leaving comments. You know, like I do every day. So, I’m reading and reading and I come to the latest post at Seed Stitch. And Cheryl, like Julia and Beth, is all excited about the release of Anne’s Wing of the Moth pattern. Cheryl says she wants to knit this pattern as a race to see who can finish it first. I, again innocently, leave a comment about how I’m planning on knitting this shawl but I need to finish Miriam’s Adamas shawl first. Count me in for the knitting but not for the race, says I. And do you know what she did? Here’s a hint.

Yup. She threw down the gauntlet. She called me out. Here’s what she said, exactly:

Oh no, you’re not getting out of this that easily! You’re in, consider yourself raced.

Ahem. I am not one to back down from a challenge. Then again, I have my rules. And one of my rules is only one lace project on the needles at a time. The race is on but the race is to finish Adamas before I start Wing of the Moth. Here’s Adamas in her current state.


I have 5 more repeats of the main pattern before I switch to the edging. How long do you think this is going to take me to finish knitting? Leave your guess in the comments by Friday, August 25, 2006 at 11:00 pm EST and you’lll be entered into a drawing for this skein of lace weight yarn – so you can make your very own Wing of the Moth Shawl.

Merino Lace, made in Italy for Skacel Collection. 1375 yds.

You don’t have to be right about when I’ll finish to win. Anyone who guesses in the comments will be entered and I’ll randomly select a name. This is an excellent chance to de-lurk, all you lurkers. Just sayin.

The race (and the contest!) is on!

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  1. i can’t wait to see the results — of both shawls! and i have to state my admiration for your strength of character in *not* starting ‘the moth’ right away. Good luck! let’s say you’ll be done by friday at 3pm.

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