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Random Tuesday

Thoughts for a Tuesday when I have no knitting pictures with which to entertain you:

1. Cranberry harvesting has begun. I love seeing the pickers for the dry harvesting and the machines for the wet harvesting.

2. Sunday and Monday were warm enough to drive the Jeep with the doors off and the top down. I even listened to Led Zeppelin just for Margene.

3. I had no idea that a post about American Chop Suey would elicit so many comments. And I just need to say, American Chop Suey is not the same as Goulash. No matter what Norma says.

4. Speaking of Norma, the Red Scarf Project is really taking off. And Gale made a fantastic poster for you to download and bring to your local yarn shop.

5. There are only 2 contestants left in the Wing of the Moth race. Me and the one who started the whole mess.

6. Hannah is taking Spanish this year. Yeah, finally, a foreign language. Don’t get me started on our school system. Anyway, I was helping her with some flash cards and one of them said, “¿Cómo te llamas?” I got really excited because I thought they were studying llamas in Spanish. Hey, don’t blame me. I took French.

7. I am absolutely in love with Zephyr Wool Silk. Words cannot describe my new devotion to this yarn. It’s soft and silky and incredibly strong. It comes in tons of gorgeous colors. I may never knit a shawl out of anything else. Shhh. Don’t tell this to my stash of laceweight yarn.

8. Today is Primary Day in Massachusetts and Washington. Get out there and vote!

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  1. I am a Spanish teacher and you can console yourself that llamas are a topic in my Spanish class!!! Buena suerta a tu hija. Good luck to your daughter, … and you!!

  2. You lived my dream! Top down Jeep and LZ….ahhhh. Zephyr IS a lovely yarn. Shawls knit with it are so soft and lovely against the skin. But don’t knit with it only….so many yarns so little time.

  3. I’ve been looking at Zephyr yarn and noticed that there are a few different Zephyrs out there. Is this the Jaegerspun Zephyr? I might have to get me some!

  4. I agree with you on the goulash — your chop suey isn’t goulash. At least in my book goulash needs to have stew meat in at and potatos. Tell Hannah to come on down and practice her Spanish — I have a set of neighbors that speak no ingles (yet) so my kids are walking around saying hola, que tal constantly.

  5. American chop suey is NOTHING like Goulash. My Hungarian grandmother may just rise up out of her grave and cook up a pot so that Norma will be able to see and taste the difference.

  6. haha como te llamas means “how are you llamas?”

    heh heh

    my favorite phrase from my spanish class days is “donde esta la casa de pepe”

  7. LOL. Well, Kat, we would differentiate and call that HUNGARIAN Goulash.

    But seriously, Chop Suey? That dish is so far from chop suey as to think of marshmallows as broccoli. Although I have known some people to think marshmallow fluff is a vegetable, so…..

  8. Led Zeppelin – I always think of Margene when I hear them…………

    Zephyr is pretty great lace yarn……….but my favorite is still KSH….yummy.

  9. Well, then what does it mean if not llamas? (I took French too; pretty much the only Spanish words I know are naughty).

    Hit the polls early myself. Can’t wait to see the results.

  10. I had some royal blue Zephyr I just could not get into. Tried several projects and each stalled. I’m hoping it was just the color/project combo, since I got that black Zephyr for a shawl for my mom.

  11. …marshmallow fluff isn’t a vegetable? Wait ’til I tell RR…

    Dobby’s in her 3rd year of Spanish – let me know if Hannah needs help ;o) It’s one class she’s managed to pass!

  12. Okay, I’ve got to weigh in on the whole goulas thing. My dad used to call a concoction like that “Mr. Jones” because, to him, it looked like Mr. Jones after he’d been hit by a car. Weird, I know.

  13. You inspired me to make ACS for my family — I used your suggestion of stewed tomatoes and tomato soup — I used ground turkey instead of hamburg and Barilla Plus to add some fiber. Put it into a casserole with cheese on top. They had it last night (I was out!) Re: the primary, did you hear one of the candidates interviewed this morning who said “we are sticking to our knitting today.” I loved that.

  14. Supposedly (this is probably an urban legend) the llama got its name because the conquistadores kept pointing at them and asking the locals “como se llama?” and the locals, who for some odd reason didn’t speak Spanish, replied “llama????”.

    Anyhow, I llove llamas.

    One more thing I must tell you:

  15. When I lived in South America my little brother was obsessed with llamas, so I had to get him a little toy one to bring back. I told him that he should get it some friends and name them Comote, so that he could tell people they were the Comote llamas.

    Have I mentioned what an incredibly huge dork I am?

  16. Glad to hear they are harvesting the cranberries. I may finally be able to make my cranberry banana bread now, after 4 months of searching for that key missing ingredient.

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