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All this knitting has sure interfered with my blogging. Here we are and it’s a new day and again I got nothing. I had planned on having a finished Moth to show you. But, well, not yet.

I am thisclose to finishing. Come back later, okay?

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  1. Ahem, Carole…’re supposed to let Cheryl finish first or I’ll lose! Can’t wait to see it finished and blocked.

  2. Ya, I had nothing either but I started a scarf just to have something to blog about today. Somedays nothing happens and we’re stuck!

  3. Hey, knitting is allowed to interfere with blogging!
    Your pics of your Moth and toasty toes socks from a couple post ago are lovely. Definitely enough to tide us over.

  4. Allrighty!

    PS I like the cranberry picking specials on Food Network. Do they do the wet harvesting or the dry harvesting where you are?

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