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One Year of Spinning


One year ago today I brought home Alice, my first spinning wheel. It’s a funny thing about spinning and anniversaries of spinning. All the spinners I know can remember the exact date that they learned to spin. I don’t think we have such vivid memories of when we learned to knit and I think that’s interesting. But anyway, today is my spinversary.

If you recall, on this day last year I innocently suggested to Dale that we take a drive to Mind’s Eye Yarn in Cambridge just to look at spinning wheels. Lucy sat me down in front of an Ashford Traditional wheel and had me treadle. Then she had me draft. Then she whispered in my ear, “you can take this wheel home with you today.” She might as well have said, “your first hit is free,” because I was completely addicted.

And you all know that I’m addicted because since the introduction of Alice there have been several other spinning wheel acquisitions. Of course you remember:

Lucy, January ’06

Rosie, February ’06

Tallulah, February ’06

Abigail, July ’06

One year and five spinning wheels. Whoops. But I don’t regret any of these purchases. I’m the first to admit that good tools are essential to me and my wheels are all excellent tools, each one unique and each one with a purpose. Alice was my first and she will always be special because of that. Right now she’s on loan to Kathy but I think she’s going to be returned soon as Kathy takes the plunge and buys her own wheel. Lucy was bought for portabilility. I wanted a wheel to bring with me to fiber events and she fit the bill. And truly, Lucy is a workhorse. She also is the wheel I turn to for plying as she’s the one with the Woolee Winder. Rosie is my special girl and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. Unlike the other wheels, who were named with much consideration, Rosie’s name was on my lips the minute I sat down and started to spin. She and I were meant to be together. Tallulah was a stow-away, just ask Cate. But she serves a purpose for historical reasons and, while she may be relegated to the upstairs guest room these days, she will be on tour with me next year, I’m sure. Finally, there’s Abigail. This Canadian Production wheel just fell in my lap via an email to a spinning list I belong to. I knew some day I would buy a CPW but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. When an opportunity comes your way, however, it’s best to grab the chance. Or wheel, in this case.

Spinning has added a new dimension to my life. I have taken trips and made friends because of spinning. I have made loads of yarn, some of it okay and some of it crap, but I have enjoyed every spinning moment of this past year. Some of you have taught me and some of you have enabled me and all of you have encouraged me. My favorite memories from this past year have involved spinning and hanging out with my friends.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

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  1. Get out! You’ve only been spinning for a year?! No way!

    LOVE the photo-essay, by the way. Though I think you need to buy another castle wheel. Right now you’re a little saxony-heavy. 😉

  2. Happy spinnaversary! And you only got 5 wheels this year. I know how ‘evil’ Lucy can be. She still get’s me to spend $$$$$$$ when I walk in the door by just having something green in her hand.
    I’ve acutally arived home with stuff and honestly! I didn’t remember writing the check!
    I’m still waiting for my next wheel. I have not idea what I’m going to end up with but I’ll know it when I see it.

  3. Happy Spinnaversery! I too remember the day I learned to spin, of course it really wasn’t that long ago. Thanks for making me look good, I only have two wheels.

  4. Happy Spinnaversary! I don’t think I realized the 5 wheels were bought in the last year. Your name may come up when I talk to my husband about a third wheel next year…

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