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Handspun, Handknit

Dale and I took a walk the other day and I promised Judy I’d write about it today in honor of Walk With Me Wednesdays. We tromped our way “down back” to the woods and it felt great to get outside and enjoy the fall air together. I had an ulterior motive, though. I wanted photos of our new scarves.

Dale’s scarf is knit lengthwise in garter stitch. The yarn is all my handspun, except for the dark blue tweed which is some leftover Peace Fleece. This was a great way to use up all those odd skeins I made when I first started spinning. The length is perfect, the colors are all his favorites and he loves it, as you can see.

My scarf is the Chevron Scarf from Scarf Style and it’s also knit with my handspun. This is a batt that I bought from Indigo Moon at Cummington last May. I separated out all the colors and then I just spun them randomly and Navajo plied the singles. I wore it at Rhinebeck so I know you’ve already seen several pictures of it. But you don’t know about a really cool experience I had while wearing it there. I was in the Indigo Moon booth and the owner recognized my scarf as having come from one of her batts. She was very excited to see how it turned out and said how nice it was to see an actual finished project. I felt really good about it right then, let me tell you.

And my fingerless mitts are the Voodoo wristwarmers from Knitty. Also with my handspun. I believe this was some Ashland Bay merino that I bought at one of my first spinning lessons. They are soft and warm and perfect for the cool-ish days we are having right now.

I’m here to tell you: knitting with my handspun is fabulous! I may never buy yarn again.

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  1. The scarves are beautiful. How wonderful (and amazing!) that your yarn was recognized by the Indigo Moon lady.

    You & Dale look so cute in your photo shoot pix (must be the end result of your horny-ness yesterday). 🙂

  2. Ruggedly Handsome meets CutiePie in the woods… my kinda story. Modeling handspun accessories? Even better… though I can’t quite believe the line that you are never going to buy yarn again:)

  3. The scarves are great, but I LOVE the photos of the two of you. And you look SO happy. Must be the Handspin High, from using your handspun. The Voodoo that you do look so cool.

  4. Don’t you just love the time of year that we finally get to swaddle ourselves in wool again? Beautiful fall pictures.

  5. Not one but TWO handspun handknits! Great photos, it’s clear Dale wears his with pride and pleasure.

    Of course, I don’t believe you won’t buy more yarn… but at least you’ll be knitting with more handspun. 😛

  6. Hahahahahahahah *snork* heeheeheeheeheeheehee..never…*gasp*buy….hahahahahahaha….can’t….stand…it….must…sit…down…..heeheeheehee…..

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