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Knit Unto Others Year 2

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since Margene and I started the Knit Unto Others charity knitting blog. And yet, here we are again, asking you to dedicate the two weeks arround Thanksgiving, November 18th to December 2nd, to charity knitting.

And there’s certainly no shortage of charities needing handknit items. There’s The Red Scarf Project. There’s Dulaan Knitting. There’s Afghans for Afghans and Newborns in Need.
There’s also Caps to the Capital, a group sponsored by Save the Children. And, if these organizations don’t strike a note with you, there’s a fairly comprehensive list that Interweave Press has compiled called Knitting for a Better World. You probably also have local charities looking for help. It really doesn’t matter what charity you choose, the point is to pick one that inspires you.

This year, as an added incentive, we’re going to be offering prizes. Each item you knit and donate to charity will earn you one entry into the prize pool. We’re lining up those prizes now but I can tell you that one of them is a $75 gift voucher donated by our friends at kpixie and another is a $25 gift voucher donated by our equally wonderful friends at Crown Mountain Farms. Margene and I will also be offering a prize each, as will Susan and Karen of Sleeping Dragon Yarn. There will be updates and information and “rules” for participating on the Knit Unto Others blog in the coming weeks so head over there to get the latest information.

So, come on, what more do you need to get going? There’s the chance to win a prize and that’s fun. But even more important, there’s the chance to feel really good about using your talent to help a stranger. And that’s the best prize of all, I believe.

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  1. It’s a good time of year share our talents as we go into the season of ‘giving’. I’ve picked out two charities and hope to get a few items knit. Thanks for joining me in this endeavor, grrlfriend!

  2. This is Great!!! I am actively doing some charity knitting right now, but certainly have plenty more to do, including the Red Scarf Project, Dulaan, and Rabbitch’s hat drive. I will be on the look out for the details.

  3. I’m in! I have been on a mitten knitting kick lately and would love to share the wealth. I may be able to offer up a prize as well as I’ve been doing some dying this weekend. Handspun, handdyed yarn is always a good thing!!

  4. I’m in! I think I’ll spread my knitting amongst several charities. Thanks for hosting this.

  5. I came across a new book last week, Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen, full of examples, organizations and patterns. Getting inspired, and glad you are doing this again.

  6. I’ve already commited my 5 for Dulaan, and a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, so I’m happy to join the blog. I’d be happy to donate a prize, either something from my stash, or if I have time, I’ll do a little dyeing.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to doing this again and I already have some projects lined up. Also, I’d be willing to donate a prize if you’d like.

  8. Great! Thanks to you and Margene for hosting this. I have lots of holiday knitting to do, but this will get me motivated to get my red scarf done too.

  9. I’m definitely in — since I already signed up for Dulaan 10,000 and Red Scarf anyway. This is just further motivation to get knittin’.

  10. You two are awesome. It’s so easy to get focused on ourselves during the holidays. Thanks for helping to redirect our attention to those less fortunate.

  11. Wonderful idea — way to use your blog for good. I have some yarn set aside for the Red Scarf Project that I will try to get out during that time period, and I can always crank out a few more infant hats!

  12. Okay, you KNOW that we can’t pass up prizes! Even though I’m already knitting for charity, this will KEEP me knitting for charity an extra two weeks. I’m IN!!!

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