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A Word (or two) from Mason


Hi Everyone,
I’m Mason. The cat of the Carole Knits household. The only cat, of course. It’s bad enough that I have to share the house with that damn dog, Dixie, I certainly wouldn’t tolerate another cat. So, I want to talk to you today about my person and this thing she does all the time. You know what I’m talking about. You call it Knitting.

I actually don’t mind the knitting. There’s lots of yarn for me to play with. Sure, sometimes I make a big mess of it and I get yelled at. But only for a minute and it’s totally worth it. Besides, all I have to do is look at Carole with this cute face of mine and all is forgotten. I like the yarn so much that sometimes I bring it to Carole in the middle of the night. I grab a skein of yarn in my mouth, the most expensive skein I can find, of course, and I jump up on the bed with it. You would think, given how much time my person spends with yarn, that she would be pleased by this. But she never is and I get yelled at again. Then she laughs, though, and I’m forgiven.


The other thing I like about yarn is that when Carole spends time knitting, she sits on the couch. Right by the wood stove, in fact. And oh boy is that cozy! I like to sit right in her lap, preferably on the knitting, because it’s warm and soft. My person is always pulling the knitting out from under me, though, so I mostly sit next to her with my head in her lap. It’s very very nice. Purrrrrrrrrrr.

Finally, I have to tell you that I love those finished knits. Just this weekend Carole finished something for my other person, Dale. It’s a shawl or something. I’m a little confused since he’s a man and I thought shawls were for women but I’ve given up trying to understand these people. All I know is that Carole called it Hypo-something and she’s really glad it’s done. I am, too. I think it should be for me. After all, look how beautifully it matches my eyes.


Well, thanks for listening to my rambles about my people and the yarn and the thing you call knitting. Next time, I’ll talk about that other thing my person does. I think that’s called spinning.

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  1. You are a clever and beautiful cat, Mason. Thanks for sharing with us! Do you ever eat yarn? Luckily none of ours has done that for a while.

  2. Hi Mason. Nice of you to post while your human was busy kntting! Please tell Carole the shawl is really cool and I like the color too!

  3. You are so right, Mason; that shawl matches your eyes perfectly. I’ll bet if you are really nice and do lots of purring and head rubbing on the man person, he will let you use it once in a while. If not, I’m sure he won’t be watching it ALL the time and you can always sneak a quick snuggle with it.

  4. Hi Mason! I’m Gracie! My person is Amy! And I’m real excitable! And you’re really cute! We could be friends! I’d give you puppy kisses! I’m not so hot on the yarn thing, though. My person doesn’t have room for me on her lap when she’s knitting.

  5. Dear Mason, My name is Tigger. I wish you could teach me to type. My mom says I never shut up (I meow A LOT, really, I mean A LOT). If I could type, then maybe she would shut up. When my mom knits the big golden thing (I think she’s a retreiver) gets to have her head in mom’s lap and I lay on her legs or sometimes in the knitting bag. Either way it’s close to the yummy yarn. Lucky you to have that spinning thing too – I’ll bet that’s lots of trouble just waiting to happen. Please keep in touch with us ether-kitties.

  6. Mason, you do know that you are really lucky to have such great humans to live with right? If Maggie or Max steal my yarn, well thankfully Maggie’s only done it once… Do you decorate the house with your stolen yarn the way Maggie decorated the back yard?

    Oh and that new scarfy thing for Dale… wow. That was a fast knit! Is Carole like one big blur while she speed knits? GRIN

  7. Wow, Mason, you sure are lucky. My name’s Dinah and my person punched me in the nose this morning. She claimed it was an accident, but I’m telling you, bitch is going down. Want to help? Your neighbor, Dinah

  8. Meanwhile, Dixie says . . .

    “Dogfood? My Favorite!”
    must sleep.
    Home? Someone’s home? Yippeee!
    Play! Catch! Rub, yes that’s the spot.

    “Dogfood? My favorite!”

  9. mason, i try really hard to ignore the yarn stuff that mom plays with all the time, but it’s hard! but when I put my nose in her knitting bag to sniff, she always tells me to stop, and i really don’t want to get into trouble, so i try not to do it too often. i’d hate for her to start withholding biscuits or playtime, after all. a dog needs to have his priorities, right? cats too, i would think. always good to hear from another fur person!

  10. Hi Mason! I can’t believe your person isn’t happy you bring her yarn in the middle of the night, but there’s people for you.

    The Hypoteneuse does match your eyes beautifully! I think you should keep it for yourself. It might not fit well though.

  11. Hello, Mason! You’re a very pretty boy. I bet if you reminded your Carole enough, she would let you have all the yarn and might even knit for you, if you asked nicely and often enough.

  12. That does look great with the kitties eyes.

    My kitty doesn’t care too much about the yarn. The needles are another matter entirely. *L*

    I can’t wait to read what kitty thinks of the spinning. 😀

  13. Oh great.. now Pumpkin wants to blog! Pumpkin does have a question for Mason: how does he know which yarn is the favorite/most expensive/easiest to tangle? She has been searching for a really good yarn to “cuddle”….

    🙂 kate

  14. Well Mason, I must say you are one handsome feline! From the sounds of it you have wonderful taste in yarn, knitting, and of course, people!

  15. Oh, Mason – you’re pretty handsome! Maybe you should come to Chicago, and we can play! (evil grin)

    Love, Bella
    Professional Dachshund

  16. Is Mason a talker? Obviously a helper-kitty extraordinare’ and a looker, but I wondered if you also got a lot of unsolicited opinions.

  17. Max here. Ivan & I both like Mom’s knitting. Ivan is a big fan of laying on her project in progress, and then playing with that string that goes onto those needle things. He also likes to steal the ball when Mom isn’t looking.

    Me, I just love to snuggle the knitting and sometimes lick it. I can’t help it. It smells like mommy and I lick her all the time! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see if you do the same thing with your mommy’s spinning that I do with my mommy’s. -Wags & licks, Max

  18. Mason, as one ‘meezer to another, we are not supposed to let the humans know that we can type. They already think we are too smart for our own good. And as one seal point to another, you should already know that anything that belongs to the humans belongs to us. We just have to let them think that the stuff belongs to them…. Mimi

  19. Hey Mason. You seem like a really cool cat. Guess what! I have a person that knits, too! She doesn’t let me at her yarn, much. But when I find it I like to run down the stairs with it. My Mom loves to chase me, when I do that.

    Well. Better go. I’m not supposed to get fur on the laptop. Sometimes Mom’s a kill joy.

    TTYS. Wesley

  20. Mason, you just keep getting into that yarn, your person is just trying to keep you from the good stuff, lol. And I agree, your Person should definitely knit you a hypo-something to match your pretty eyes.

  21. Dear Mason – We here at Casa de Chaos were pleased to hear from you, because we didn’t even know that Carole was owned by a fine feline such as yourself!

    Chaos and Mayhem

  22. Mason,
    I know us humans can be difficult to understand sometimes, but it does go both ways. Unfortunately I don’t own a cat since I’m afraid my female dog would EAT it, but I do hope someday a cat like you will pick a human like me!

    By the way, will you please tell your human that we need close-ups & details of the beautiful Hypo!!

  23. Oh Mason – thanks for sharing. Your blog writing skills are fabulous!
    Please do not teach my kitties the trick of bringing me yarn in the middle of the night. I’ll pass on that one.

  24. I love your Mason post. One of my Siamese was a wool eater. She was also quite stealthy and much good knitting bit the dust.

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