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On and Off the Needles

First things first: Mason says thank you for all your wonderful comments on his post. He had no idea you all would enjoy it so much. And he’s rather pleased (or as pleased as a cat gets) that he met so many other dogs and cats of the knitblog community. Of course, from my perspective, the last thing that cat needed was to have people telling him how great he is. There will be no living with him now, you know.

To satisfy your curiosity about Hypotoneuse, I thought you might enjoy seeing some blocking photos.

I’ve got a photo shoot planned for this weekend at a surprise location so you’ll just have to wait until then to see Dale modeling the ManLace. Trust me, though, it’s quite nice. And if you thought it matched Mason’s eyes, well, wait until you see it on my man.

And what’s on the needles now, you ask?


Ruffles from Scarf Style for Hannah. I’m using my handspun. The pattern is boring as hell but the handspun is wonderful and Hannah thinks it’s funky. I’ve got a long way to go but I’m anxious to finish so I can start Knitting Unto Others.

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  1. Great blocking photos. It almost looks like crop fields viewed from an airplane. Okay, so you need your imagination a little 😉

  2. Well, that is simply stunning. I love the category of “manlace” — I think my little guy would love a small hypoteneuse, but “boylace” sounds illegal. What yarn did you use?

  3. Can I say it’s lovely when it’s for a man? It is lovely and manly.
    Ruffles is so funky! I love your handspun. It looks so soft in the photo.

  4. What fun patterns! I especially love the the ruffles. I’m soon to start a scarf in my Mango Tango rambo/angora handspun and I’m thinking that could be a good pairing.

  5. What fun patterns! I especially love the the ruffles. I’m soon to start a scarf in my Mango Tango rambo/angora handspun and I’m thinking that could be a good pairing.

  6. Beautiful shots of hypotenuse. My God, I haven’t said or written that word in twenty-five years!

    Hugs to Mason, and love the scarf. It’s a teenager’s delight, indeed!

  7. Man Lace….hahaha!! A man who wears manlace is a confident man :-)! Blocked out this scarf is just lovely!

    Your new scarf is such a fun looking little scarf.

  8. Beautiful scarves!
    I made Ruffles for my Hannah and after finally getting the damn thing off the needles (talk about endless knitting), she never wore it. And so it goes. *sigh*

  9. The man lace is gorgeous. So, now you’ve gone and done it… gotten another thing into my queue. I’m gonna have to hire help.

    I also enjoyed the cat’s post, just didn’t make time to comment…

  10. Ooohh, I’m loving the handspun ruffles. Very cool that Hannah thinks it’s funky.

    That Hypotenuse is COOL too. You really are cranking out the FOs!

  11. Hi Carole! I’ve got the yarn I promised for your Knit Unto Others Giveaway. Let me know where to send it.
    Lovely Hypotoneuse and Ruffles!

  12. Hypoteneuse is wonderful. Man-lace.. cool. I bet my guy would wear something as wonderful as that too. I look forward to seeing it modeled.

  13. ManLace–hee hee.
    I actually liked knitting Ruffles–if you learn to knit backwards it goes more quickly AND makes it more interesting. (or maybe you are already doing that and are still bored silly. 😉

  14. Love the hypotenuse! Geometry was my favorite branch of math, i.e. the only one I didn’t flunk. I am in awe of your handspun.

    Tell Mason the Gang of Five say hi and they’d be happy to take him down a peg any time he needs it.

  15. You’re doing Hypotenuse! YAY! And I have plans for a Ruffles or two myself… I never get tired of that fabulous scarf. It’s a classic. A new classic. 😉

    Mason, BTW, is gorgeous. King of all he surveys, I have no doubt. 😉

  16. I can’t wait for the official photo shoot. That looks great!

    Ruffles is indeed a very good choice for handpsun too I think. It is funky and different, but allows the handspun to shine! Hmmm… I wonder if I have enough handspun of anything to knit that withat… I see a stash dive in the near future…

  17. I love the manlace in that understated color. I think the geometry of the pattern is what makes it more masculine, whereas “feminine” patterns are more freeform. Anyway, like everyone I’m looking forward to the pictures!

  18. I can’t WAIT to see it on Dale! I wonder if my husband would like it?

    I was thinking of making my neices the ruffle scarf. You make it sound like it’s a perfect “stand in a line at the store” knit, but is it taking a long time to make?

  19. Nice blocking pictures – I can’t wait to see the photo shoot. The ruffles scarf looks great in your handspun. That scarf has been on my list for awhile, but I just never manage to get around to it.

  20. ManLace, huh? Do you think this is a concept that will take hold, or just a way to make the nice ones like Dale feel a part of our obsession? You could consider writing a book….

  21. I know it’s ManLace and everything, but I really like it! I’m partial to more geometric lace over intricate, feminine lace in general so not a suprise.

    Interesting how such an difficult looking pattern is so boring to knit!

  22. I love the ManLace! Actually the knitting is wonderful but I gotta say I LOVE the whole idea of ManLace…I love it! Oh and the Ruffles pattern is so incredibly f***g boring but that handspun is so incredibly gorgeous Carole! Wow.

  23. i don’t know whats more gorgeous, the scarf or the photos. I love your architectural view of it. it is , after all, about a geometric item. fab!!

  24. Your handspun seems to suit Ruffles very well! I hope it goes quickly for you — I seem to recall thinking I would never finish mine.

    Nice blocking photos, too!

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