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ManLace in ManTown

You may recall that last week, when I showed you the blocking photos of Hypotoneuse, I told you I had a special photo shoot planned for the weekend. Never one to disappoint my readers, I traveled all the way to Gettysburg, PA, to have Dale pose with the new ManLace. Okay, well, we may have been going anyway for Remembrance Day, but still, I didn’t let you down.

These photos were all taken in front of the Michael Jacobs house on Middle Street. We had a special purpose in finding this house because Michael Jacobs was the great-great-I don’t know how many great-grandfather of my good friend Judy. He was a Professor at Gettysburg College and actually published the first account on the Battle of Gettysburg. He was also a recorder of weather conditions. All the information we have about the weather and temperature during the battle of Gettysburg comes from Professor Jacobs. Pretty slick, I think.

Speaking of slick, check out these photos of Dale wearing his ManLace.

ManLace with a Union Army uniform. A Captain, no less. It doesn’t get more manly than that.

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  1. A great accomplishmnent to be able to enhance a man in uniform! I would love to visit Gettysburg someday.. thanks for sharing photos of it.

  2. Fabulous on top of cool. The Jacobs house – check. Dale – check. ManLace – check. Excellent photoshoot all of the above – CHECK.

  3. Ha! As soon as I read a while back that you’d made this for Dale, my first thought was that’d it’d look great, not to mention authentic, with his uniform. Well done to both of you!

  4. I showed my DH the photos of Dale and he was totally impressed. I also told him your cautionary note, Carole, and he agreed to stay rooted on the couch [for now].

  5. When the brooding mercenaries crossed the Dixon Line
    Coming south to heaven for to enjoy the better climes
    Pillaging and burning all they laid their hands upon. Never giving cause to think, a massive brood of pawns.

    Four long years of struggle for the second freedom bell
    History did record the fact how bravely our boys fell
    Names like Lee and Jackson still ring about in Grace.
    All the north can thus provide is a bit of manly lace.

    If we had a bit of wool upon the ole round top
    If we had a hank or roving no one would have stopped…
    our armies would have gone unhindered right in Lincolns face,
    We looked dashing, armies clashing, but lost to manly lace.

    Oh but for the stars and bars and cursed manly lace.

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